NDA which is disrespect ?

Created by Chandra Sekaran - 28th Dec, 2012
NDA which is disrespect ?

National Development Council meeting was held in Delhi on december 27, 2012. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chaired the meeting. Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has walked out from the meeting. Later she told media persons that she was given 10 minutes only, which was not sufficient. She also charged that the centre has disrespected the Tamilnadu people. Ofcourse, centre shows partisan attitude towards TN issues, whether it is Cauvery, Mullaiperiar or in electricity issue. But, the question is whether this is the right way of protest?
Union Minister of State Mr Sukhla told that one (Jayalalithaa) should not try to take political mileage out of this meeting. He also added that one should make use of this meeting to achieve something for the home State.

But the question is disrespect.

Jaya says centre has disrespected her and TN people. But central ministers are saying that she only showed disrespect towards one of the higher forums, which was headed by PM. They say that PM has shown great gesture by accepting the demand of Jaya to speak first, though her turn was towards the end of the meeting, as CMs were called according to the alphabetical order of their State names.

More than 30 Chief Ministers attended the meeting. PM was on chairman seat.

DMK chief and former CM of Tamilnadu M Karunanidhi says that it was routine to allot only 10 minutes for each CM in NDC meeting. But he added that if any CM exceeds the limit by around 5 minutes, they will be permitted to complete. Still, the entire prepared text will be treated as recorded, if it was submitted to the concerned authorities.

She might have stayed in Delhi and tried to meet PM next day to press for the demands on river water and electricity. She has not tried.

Jaya has not tried to use these options. So, is it a political stunt to get the english media attention on her? Did she showed disrespect to the forum? Or did the centre disrespected TN ?

Will it open a new discussion about the conduct rule of NDA meet or will it boomerang on Jaya?

Let the discussion be objective.