My PICK! This is what makes Big Boss CLICK!

Created by Pooja Misrra - 20th Sep, 2013
My PICK! This is what makes Big Boss CLICK!

Success!! Ah, that ever so elusive phenomenon.

And Bigg Boss...... Man its redefined all the rules of success on TV!

Looking for answers! Here they are!


Known is boring, it is the unknown that gifts you adventure. Unpredictable twists, shocking turns,

competitive tasks all add to the drama.

A long, strenuous, monotonous day just got colourful, all thanks to COLORS.

A thrilling adventure ride that lasts a cool three months! Recall how the end of your paid roller

coaster ride sends you reeling with the desire for 'Once More.'

Here's one free of cost,

All you need is an Idiot Box.


Controversy and some more

Friendships gone sour, boyfriend banter, marital discord, familial tensions all revealed in a

moment of weakness.

And what you get is a potpourri of creative controversial themes which set the tone for the show's

brilliant appeal to one and all.

Sympathetic fibers guys: they exist as part of subconscious mind but also as threads of

commonality that bind them to us contestants.

And therein lies the show's beauty, you see yourself reflected on screen but wait that's not you!!

Or is??

Sigh, before you decode the mystery, the show ends!!


You see, you judge, you vote

Human behavior guyz!! You can observe but how accurately can you judge??

Let me ask you: How often in the past seasons have you felt you made a mistake in judging

someone and wrongly voted them out??

But we all learn from our mistakes and then............. Make them all over again!!

Makes viewing the show all the more exciting!! You want to see whether you made the right

choice, whether your vote even matters and here your constituency isn't even at stake!!



Salman, Salman, Salman

See him on the silver screen

And the small screen

Join him at the movies

And with Boss's cronies.

He's your hero

Our weekly mojo

Moods get festive

SALMAN's the incentive!

And one more mystery unraveled! So long then...... I'll be back!

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