My blind date disaster!

Created by Nina S - 7th Feb, 2013
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#Valentine's Day
My blind date disaster!

Ok so here's the deal. Never ever meet someone you've met online! Nothing good can ever come out of blind dates especially when they originated on the world wide web. But then i say this out of experience which hopefully has replaced good sense where there was none.

We decided to meet and because i didn't want to go far from my house, i decided the best place to meet him was at a restaurant in a swish five star hotel. At least it was public, it was well lit and what could he possibly do even if he did turn out to be an axe murderer! And to be doubly sure i dragged my friend along.

Thankfully his phone suddenly rang and he walked away to attend to it. His friend not knowing what to do followed him. That was it! The minute he'd turned his back walked a few steps away, i grabbed my friends hand and ran for the nearest exit. Except the nearest exit was towards a lawn where a page 3 party was on in full progress. And there were we running across the lawn like scared rabbits!

Of course the guy kept calling me up and of course i didn't pick up his calls. After what was 15 minutes of incessant calling he finally gave up. After the adrenaline rush had settled, we took stock of our surroundings. And decided it was time to crash the party and eat dinner after all! Not a bad end to what could have been a disaster date! No more blind dates for me this Valentine's day for sure!