Mumbai gang rape: Can India change?

Created by Kirti Deol - 23rd Aug, 2013
Mumbai gang rape: Can India change?

Last night, I watched the night edition of news in horror. There had been yet another rape in the country. This time, the city under fire was Mumbai. I was shocked to learn that Mumbai too was no longer safe for girls? Being a Delhi girl, I ached to go and settle down in Mumbai just so I could breathe and live in a safer environment. But I was wrong and how.

Apparently, crime has no barriers. There is no such place where crime cannot take place.

Now, a day later, I am terrified. I am terrified of traveling alone in my own country. I am having sleepless nights ever since the deadly news of the gang rape ripped me. The fear of the unknown enemy is the worst form of fear and that's bothering me to no end.

I am a young working professional living in Delhi and I get extremely bothered when young girls are brutally raped! Is there no fear in the minds of the culprit? DOES HE HAVE NO FEAR? This is a mockery of our democracy, of our entire political system. The rules and regulations are laughed at by the rapists.

Yet, no one ever talks of death penalty here. Yet our esteemed law makers wait for the storm to settle so they can move on to bigger, better arguments in the parliament. The girl child has and will always be treated as a second class citizen and THAT ANGERS ME.

Is it a crime to be born a woman in a country where you are eyed like a prey every time you step out in public? I hate to admit this, but somewhere, I feel ashamed to be a part of this country. A country where restrictions are put on a girl since the day she is born.

It is my right to want to stay in a country where I wake up feeling secure and fearless.

'Where the mind is without fear'

Isn't that what our nation's forefathers envisaged for us?

Why do I feel so unsafe in my own country then?