Monster-in-law? What’s that?

Created by Anjum Seth - 12th Sep, 2013
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Monster-in-law? What’s that?

I have heard several sobbing stories by my peers about how their mom-in-laws are a living nightmare for them. Day in and day out, they creep me out with their sad tales of homely affairs. And before marriage, trust me, those talks were enough to scare the s**t out of me.

Since I had heard so many of these monster-in-law stories, somewhere in my head, I never wanted to stay with my in-laws. I thought all in-laws were characters straight out horror movies. I thought it would be better for the relationship and the family if we all led a happy but separate life.

But oh-dear, I was wrong & how?

I married my childhood sweetheart around 7 months back. Initially, I tried to play the emotional card on my husband and tried to coax him into living separately. The guilt conscious is all over me when I say this to you today, so please skip the judgements away.

I used to tell my husband how it was essential for our family to live away from his parents, how we were totally different from his parents and how the independent 'us' might get slaughtered by their 'interfering' presence.

Thankfully, my husband was NOT a complete douchebag like me and did not pay any heed to my inconsequential requests.

So after around 1 month of our marriage, my in-laws came to live with us. I was reluctant at first since I knew of only the negatives of having to live with your in-laws. But trust me when I say this, those 2 months that they stayed with us were the best months of my entire life.

My mother-in-law is the sweetest and the most dignified lady you would ever meet. The first thing that she did was that she treated me like her very own. There were no rules set for me. I was treated exactly the way my own mother would treat me.

Not only that, but my in-laws respected our space which is the key to any happy relationship. They were not nosy at all and had their own life too. I was treated like a princess by my in-laws.

So the age-old hatred between a 'saas' & a 'bahu' did not exist in my household. My family is a loving family of 4 and I cannot but wait to live permanently with my beautiful in-laws. More love to our family J

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