Metro etiquettes: When commuting turns into a nightmare!

Created by Monika Rawal - 7th Feb, 2013
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Metro etiquettes: When commuting turns into a nightmare!

It's been almost a decade I have been traveling by Delhi Metro and every ride has been an experience in its own unique way. While there's no doubt that Metro has become a lifeline for thousands of daily commuters but the highly annoying metro mannerism has given me enough reasons to get irked. Be it people eating in the metro, gossiping at their highest pitch, listening to the loudest music ever or trying to shove in themselves in that little space between already seated passengers. Ahhh! It makes me furious like no other thing. Not that I don't understand how difficult it is a task to travel by metro, especially if you have to stand all through that one hour painful journey but still, abiding by some basic etiquettes is the least we can do.

Of all the things, littering in metro is one thing that leaves me highly disgusted. The other day while traveling from Gurgaon to Delhi via metro, I saw a young girl who boarded the metro with a corn cob in her hand. Just when I thought to myself 'is she going to eat this inside the metro', she started taking a bite and chewing it in a really weird manner. As I stood just next to her and saw her littering on the metro floor, I couldn't hold myself and went up to her and requested to not eat the next time she's in the train. Giving me that staring cold look, she got off at the next station and I breathed a sigh of relief.

It's just one of the incidents. Another really irritating trait that I have seen mostly among women traveling in metro is playing loud music in their mobile phones. At times, it appears that they have bought the most expensive Smartphone but the cheap pair of earphones ruins all the fun and makes it a torture for the person standing nearby. Some are so shamelessly that despite knowing that their so-called favourite music or the track being played is causing discomfort of others, they won't lower the volume. I wish there was some check on this too like other security measures.

Moving on, I seriously can't tolerate those fat 40 something aunties trying to shove in and adjust themselves comfortably in the merely little space between the seats. Someone please tell them it's not right to embarrass the other person so much so that by sitting partially on their lap, you eventually force them to get up and offer you their seat. Alas! This happens only in India and Delhi Metro.

Last but the not the least, sitting on the metro floor is something that exceeds the height of tolerance. I mean, it's really terrible when the most educated lot would do such things and putting others to shame. Sadly, there's no check as such within the metro that can warn these people who sit comfortably on the floors, obstruct the passage and make it tough for others to move.

Sometimes I feel sad for the poor metro officials and staff who have put in so much effort to record those apparently useful and instructive announcements because clearly no one listens to them. Violating the rules, going against the set laws and enjoying the metro ride in the worst possible way seem to be the latest in-thing that Delhi people enjoy the most. Hope there would be some stern steps taken to ensure that metro etiquettes are well adhered to and everyone can have a peaceful ride.