Loveless marriage

Created by Piyali Bannerjee - 24th Sep, 2013
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Loveless marriage

After watching The Lunchbox, I went into a daze.

In 'The Lunchbox', the role of lead actress Nimrat Kaur is that of a lonely housewife, whose husband is merrily cheating on her. The poor housewife's life revolves around the house, child and her good-for-nothing unfaithful husband. The character of Ila in the movie reminded me of crores of Indian housewives who're leading a similar life. They belong to a group which I like to call, 'stuck in a loveless marriage' group.

I have seen many married Indian women who are stuck in marriages without a single iota of love or affection. The husbands use these wives as caretakers. They are only supposed to be taking care of the children and the house. If the husband is in the mood for some lovemaking, then the wife has to obey his orders and do as he says.

Isn't that a bit shameful? I mean, after knowing your better half is cheating on you, after realizing the shallowness of your entire marriage, why do these women still GIVE-IN?

What makes them stay and not move out? What makes them take this torture day in and day out, and lead a life of suffering? Why can't these women muster some strength and move out? Is there any point of living in a loveless life? Where your only job is that of a caretaker?

I dwelled and got frustrated trying to figure out an adequate answer. I wanted to know what made these intelligent educated Indian women not venture out and still be a part of this suffering. But the answer that I got was sad yet true. These women had no confidence. Their whole life they were made to believe that they were good-for-nothing. That their real worth lay in the bedroom. That they could not live alone. That they NEEDED A MAN for survival!

But this angers me to no end. When did women start believing they were lesser than a man?