Love marriages no a longer a taboo

Created by Anjum Seth - 12th Jul, 2013
Love marriages no a longer a taboo

About 15-20 years back, marriages were conducted solely according to the whims and fancies of the bride and the groom's parents. The concept of love marriage was condemned and looked down upon.

Falling in love before marriage was no less than a crime, something strange because India boasts of some of the most popular love stories. Both the boy and the girl did not enjoy any freedom and were forced to marry the one, their parents chose for him or her.

However, the time seems to be changing now and parents are now gradually opening up to the idea of love marriages.

Parents are becoming thoughtful of their children's feelings, therefore, love marriages are carried out with the same vigor and joy, as arrange marriages. They have started accepting it.

They are happily welcoming their children's choices as now they are more concerned about our happiness rather than their pride or carrying forward the responsibility of 'guarding' the name of their family.

Another reason behind such an acceptance is that parents, today, are more like friends to their kids and vice-versa. They are giving their children their full right to choose a partner of their choice.

The society as a whole has come a long way to accept the evolution. Many social factors have facilitated the acceptance of love marriage like independent thinking and open-mindedness among today's youth, the exposure to western culture, desi Bollywood movies have tumultuous romance stories with happy endings.

People including the elderly have started accepting of inter-caste marriages.

However, considering the awareness level, the phenomenon is still restricted to urban and semi urban areas. There are still few families who stick with their orthodox believes related to marriage. A lot more needs to be done to change the mindset of people with respect to marriage.