Lost your job? Take a chill pill!

Created by Pranav Sen - 21st Apr, 2014
Lost your job? Take a chill pill!

2009 was a pathetic year for most of us. The recession ball had hit us bad and all of us were in constant fear of losing our jobs.

I remember how scared my brother was, who was working in a top MNC at that time. His colleagues were getting fired by the minute. Pink slips were being circulated like free flowing water. It was a mad year my brother had said to me.

But I have noticed one more thing. We Indians get more bogged down by losing our jobs than our western counterparts. Why the hell do we get so intimated and scared anyway?

For Indians, losing a job is pretty much like losing a loved one.

But why do we let ourselves get bogged down by so much of negativity? It was just a job after all right? Well, if only we could think like that, the visits to our psychiatrists would literally end. Sigh!

Last week was a very harrowing and depressing week for my friend. She was working in a very popular advertising firm for over 6 years. Alas, recession hit her company as well and one fine day, she got her termination letter in her mail.

I remember meeting my friend the same evening she got fired from her services. She was devastated and couldn't stop cursing her management. The distraught that I witnessed in my friend made me wonder if she'll ever come out of that turmoil?

It also made me wonder why people get so depressed after they lose a job? I have seen several educated, young minds of our country losing their sanctity after a job rejection.


Is finding a job the only calling that one must have in life? Why is rejection in the form of work taken so profusely?

I am someone who feels losing a job opens up better, greater avenues for career-oriented individuals. Instead of getting depressed and losing heart over being fired, I feel the energy should be used at something that has so much more worth to it.

Like a start-up company. Many CEOs had once been fired from their low-paying jobs. Take Steve Jobs for example. The guy was a genius right, but before his innovations worked overtime to bring the world the wonders of Apple Inc., he was working in a stupid firm which eventually had him fired!

If sir Jobs got into his little depressing shell, would we have witnessed the i-phones and the i-pads today? Ahem, I guess not!

So my advice to you all would be to not lose heart after losing a job. Instead, think of exciting ideas and make your own company. The thrill of working for self is unmatched for.

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