Losing weight the healthy way

Created by Kanika Yadav - 10th May, 2012
Losing weight the healthy way

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fat. As a toddler, it was cute, but at 26, FAT is not the best adjective to be associated with. Have you noticed how all your friends, all your peers are so FIT? And now, when my marriage is just 'round the corner, I would give my right arm to lose the extra flab that I conveniently put on all these years.

Throughout high school and college I was called 'healthy'. I would eat/drink whatever I wanted and never worked out. I was extremely round, and not at all in shape or toned. After college, when I bagged my first job, I started to gain a little bit of belly weight but surprisingly, managed to lose it really fast. An ex, who was a personal trainer, used to tell me that my body was more responsive to working out than anyone he had ever seen. But I hated to work out, so I would do it for as long as it took to get back to my "healthy" self. Now, at 26, my body is *very* different, and I can tell that my metabolism has slowed considerably. I am now carrying 20 extra lbs. that I gained since college.

So, my quest to be skinny by the end of this year has started, just about NOW.
What do I do first? Well, I don't register myself to the nearest gym, nor do I contact a relative who is a nutritionist. But I get up to fetch myself a nice cold coffee to begin this infamous 'quest' *sigh*

Anyway, 100 sips later (cold coffee is a saviour in summer time) I decide to go to Google-'mata' (the answer to all our problems) and type 'How to lose fat QUICKLY'.

Hmmm, there's this one thing about me, I am one impatient heck of a bugger. If I have to lose 20 lbs that were piled on in the last 10 years, it had to be done asap. *sigh - part 2*

But, is that realistic? Do all the diet crash courses sustain in the long run? Is it worth it? Well, I got my answer on Google again. Guess what, it is NOT worth it . When trying to lose weight, lose it the healthy way. Lose just your weight, and not your MIND. The three simple steps to a healthy you are: Exercise, Good, balanced diet and a happy mind. This combination can fetch you not just a skinny body, but a FIT body.

Well, I am definitely going to start up my routine just about now. What about you?