Life in terms of Networking

Created by Varun Kochar - 5th Sep, 2013
Life in terms of Networking

Now a days life is running on a ventilator i.e. a life supporting system broadly known as internet . My body is a system with a wifi driver installed in it... when the wifi signals are strong (a healthy live environment of people around me ) my body works very quick but the speed of browsing (working and interacting) slow down when the signal go weak ( less people around to chat ). Sometimes there is a condition when there is a weak but downloading speed (thoughts coming to the mind for sharing) is very high and vice versa. there is a loss of signals in wifi so a LAN cable (a love or a close friend or a well wisher) can boost up the system by various ways and speed up the browsing and downloading speed.

But when you are on public wifi the speed always vary (life goes up and down).The speed of both browsing and downloading decreases when there are various users (people with whom u are not comfortable ) but this problem can be sorted out by refreshing the internet . But when you are refreshing your personal internet then its very fine but sometimes there is a problem when you need to refresh a public internet. The problem is quite valid from others point of view as they all are using the same source and gets disturb due to a a particular person..........

This is some what life in terms of networkingggggggggg....... :)