Lessons learnt in medical practice

Created by Dr K K Aggarwal - 25th Dec, 2012
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1. One day I asked one of my patients whether you smoke or not. He said, "kabhi kabhi cigarette peeta hoon." I wrote on my file he smokes occasionally. His wife got upset and asked me to ask him, "what does he mean by 'Kabhi kabhi peeta hoon'?" When aksed he said that he does not smole all the yoime " kabhi kabhi to ghanto jnilal jate hein aur me nahi pita" ( some time sits hours that I do not smoke)

2. One day a patient came after 3 months and said, "Doc three months back I was having fever and you had told me not to take any bath. I was busy till today, can I take a bath now?"

3. Chhod diya. A patient came with his wife and the wife asked me to ask the patient, "cigarette chhod do". I also counseled and said, "cigarette chhod do". A few weeks later, he said, "chhod diya." There are four meanings of chhod diya:

i. Biwi ko chhod diya

ii. Doctor ko chhod diya

iii. Dono ko chhod diya

iv. Cigarrete ko chhod diya

4. After an echo test, one of my patients asked a technician, "can I eat?" and my technician told, "you can eat after one hour." A few minutes later, the patient came to me and asked me the same question without telling me that he had already asked my technician. I said, "you can eat." He said, "your technician said after one hour." I was in embarrassing position. I said to make it light, "he told for you not to eat for one hour and not for the patient."

5. One of my patients said that he never drinks more than three pegs. His wife said, "don't believe in him. After three pegs he does not remembers how many pegs he drinks."

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