IPL: Entertainment at its best

Created by Pankaj Rana - 9th Apr, 2013
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IPL: Entertainment at its best

I never really understood the nitwitted T-20 cricket and therefore, remained a staunch believer in the original form of cricket. Test cricket was the kind of sport that I grew up watching.

I felt on top of the world every time I saw Sachin Tendulkar, clad in pure white, walk down the pavilion towards the crease to open a Test match. That was my kind of sport and I so dearly loved watching it.

So quite naturally, when I got to witness an absolutely ridiculous theory called the 'Indian Premiere League' I was shocked beyond belief. I actually witnessed sleepless nights and it took me several months to understand the correlation cricket had with Bollywood.

I wondered, 'why did cricketers of such immense value stoop down to such low levels to make money?'

But thankfully, with the changing times, I too have managed to edit my staunch beliefs and theories. You would be happy to know that I have come to terms with loving the idea of IPL.

I guess the onset of IPL had nothing to do with Test cricket. IPL started only to cater to a completely different segment of audience. In fact, it is the only form of cricket that even women love to watch. It is a light-hearted 3 -hour sport spectacle that is great to watch with a light beer on one hand and a group of friends on the other.

I have started loving the idea of IPL matches as it provides for great entertainment after a long day's work. IPL is pure entertainment at its best J