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Created by Kristian Bertel - 26th Feb, 2013

Photo by Kristian Bertel - Home to more than one billion people, the subcontinent of India bristles with an eclectic melange of ethnic groups, which translates into moments of cultural diversity.

Humanitarian photography
Kristian Bertel is a Danish photographer who focus on social themes in his photos.
He has travelled through the Indian states of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh back in 2008. Documenting many aspects of the daily Indian life, and he is interested in humans and celebrating their diversity.

Photographing people in the streets
Photographing people has been his passion and he finds hos subjects in the streets.
"Even when we speak the same language we still communicate primarily with body language. I have learned to be very clear with mine. I try to synchronize with gestures, spatial distances and so on," he says.

"Each culture has their own ways of relating; it is my job to synchronize with their rhythms. I don't expect individuals to sit up and pose for me. I have to create a respectful, open, and honest atmosphere so people feel comfortable and trust me. I do that with my body language and tonality of speech," he explains.

Photography in the digital age
"Digital photography has made it even easier because I can now share an image with someone. That certainly helps, especially because I sometimes use a wide-angled lens and often someone has no idea that they are even in an image," he says.

The photo pictured above is taken in Delhi, India.

See more of Kristian's photos on his website.

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