Indian education system: Study for money's sake

Created by Kripa Parekh - 22nd May, 2013
Indian education system: Study for money's sake

The moment our brain takes some sort of a senile shape, our parents get on with a tedious struggle of making us mug up the alphabets. The entire world changes around us. Every human creature who was coochi-cooing us till yesterday starts lecturing us. Our gifts change from toys to books, stationery etc. We have officially entered the age of education.

This drastic change is quite a huge problem. We were learning right from the moment we were born but all of a sudden we now must start "studying". Studying so that we can earn money. It's like a business deal. A small investment for life-long returns.

From a very early age kids start making that distinction between studying and learning. What we study we don't learn and what we learn is never counted as study. The Indian education system is breathlessly trapped in such a paradox.

The curriculum is rigid and frozen in time. We are teaching each batch of students (which is growing up in a radically different India from its previous batch) the same old thing that we taught to kids a decade ago. We then expect them to connect to mindsets which are long gone. When they don't, we refuse to explain, let alone accept that we are teaching rubbish. Instead, we inculcate fear in their psyche. We tell them you must understand. You must remember. All this because you must pass your exams and get on to the next standard. If you don't we will humiliate you. We will call you a failure. We will brand you as a stupid non-achiever.

Year after year, our schools and colleges mint out dead parrots. They are trained to repeat what is told to them but they lack basic human abilities to think, analyse and be unique. Our nation is full of "educated" "individuals" who have no individual point of view. Who believe whatever they read on the net, in newspapers, in books etc. They are the "nod-along" class. Just how easy it is to influence such people is about anyone's guess.

The Indian Education System has over its many years, created a study-for-money's-sake attitude in people. It has managed to drain out the last drop of excitement from learning some thing new. Maybe it's time to start keeping children out of these brain-dead machines called "educational institutes" because in most probability they will learn much more out on the roads.