India to stop all ties with Pakistan?

Created by Monika Rawal - 10th Jan, 2013
India to stop all ties with Pakistan?

There can't be a worse morning than waking up to read the top headlines as - "Indian soldiers beheaded and mutilated by Pakistani troops after they were killed in fresh clashes over Kashmir". It was horrible to read how Pakistani troops crossed into Indian Territory and attacked Indian soldiers patrolling in the Mendhar region before retreating. It's more shocking that such incidents are happening despite Indian government trying hard to encourage friendship and ceasefire with rival nation by all means.

Time and again, India has initiated peace process with an intention to develop strong bond with Pakistan. We host cricket series, promote cross-border talent on Television and in films or for that matter make visa processing easier for Pak residents but what do we get in return? Our soldiers being brutally killed and their bodies treated in an inhuman way??? Clearly, Pakistan is in no mood for any peaceful ties or to extend any hand of friendship. I don't know if it makes any sense to continue this peace process with a country that rather prefers to stay hostile and not have cordial relations with India. What's the use of any such peacemaking gestures when Pakistan is clearly not interested to walk that way?

The recently concluded Indo-Pak cricket series that renewed the cricket rivalry between arch rivals after five years following 26/11 Mumbai attacks in 2007 was one of the steps taken foreseeing some positive results. But all in vain! A couple of weeks ago, Indian television audiences got to witness an exhilarating singing reality show 'Sur Kshetra' that tired to bridge the gap and improve Indo-Pak relations but was that of any use? I don't think so. Despite the fact that a Pakistani contestant won the show, I don't see it helping improve Indo-Pak relation in any way. Small screen apart, even Bollywood has tried its bit to wipe out enmity between India and Pakistan and films like Main Hoon Na, Gaddar, and Veer Zara et al are great testimonies to this fact.

And if this wasn't enough, Indian entertainment industry has always welcomed cross-border celebrities to come and showcase their talent in front of Indian audiences. Starlets like Veena Malik, Meera, actor Ali Zafar, singer Atif Aslam, Adnan Sami and many more have all earned their due share of name and fame being in our Hindi film industry. We never have had troubles letting them enjoy their stay in our country and promoting them just like any other Indian star. Then why can't Pakistan respond in the same manner, if not better.

Will such brutal killings at LOC going to serve any purpose? Or is it that Pakistani troops only enjoy satiation when they kill Indian soldiers and let there be more hostility between the two nations? Guess it's time for Indian government to wake up and smell the coffee. They can't continue sleeping over this matter forever. If being in good books of Pakistan or UN could have helped us in any way, it would have been done long time back. Now is the time to get into action rather than saying big words and making huge promises that are never kept. I hope we don't wait for more soldiers to get brutally killed by Pakistani troops and even if boycotting Pakistan and stop any peaceful ties with them is the last option that India can resort to, I don't see why should we hold back.