Impact of Rahul's step on Congress

Created by Anand Mehta - 5th Oct, 2013

It is now clear that the Govt in a hurry supported other parties to oppose the Supreme Court verdict in the debarring of MP/MLA etc if convicted with a min two years punishment. The clear indication is the case of Lalu Yadav, their assured supporter and a few others from its own party. With Rahul putting his foot down, let us hope that the 'nonsense' of covering tainted members and giving such criminals a ticket in future, would stop at least in the Congress. Whether it benefits it in 2014 is immaterial; but what hopefully it would provide in future selection of candidates, would be very positive.

"Neither the secular nor the communal can flourish in today's India if there is no prime emphasis on development" This is a fact that the new voters as well as non-committed voters understand. Modiji has understood this and even though he is a product of RSS and Hindutva ideology, he is gradually adopting what the country needs if one has to solve the numerous problems without creating new ones. One should give credit to Rahul for making an honest effort to 'Tear and throw' the old politicians game plan of creating support without ideology but through money and muscle power. Rajeev tried and failed hopefully Rahul may succeed at least within Congress and its possible allies.