IIT’s no longer a big deal

Created by Pranav Sen - 11th Jul, 2013
IIT’s no longer a big deal

Growing up, I was hardly a nerd. In fact I didn't even possess the slightest knowledge of science and technology in my teens! Nope! I was quite a happy go lucky child, trying aimlessly to get to the figure of 33 in all my mark sheets!

Thankfully for my parents, they had another son who was the Sheldon of our house (quite literally). He was the geek, the anti-social, the nerd, the GENIUS! And where do geniuses study after they complete their class XIIth? Well the IITs of course!

Well, all through my childhood years, I remember my parents telling my brother about the greatest institute on the face of this earth.

My father left no stone unturned in trying to convince my brother of studying his **s of for the very prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. My brother, who was of course the brainy child of the family studied day and night, fortnights, months and even years to get into an IIT, any IIT in fact.

That was the kind of power the institute held back then. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of IITs anymore. Apparently, some IITs have lost their credibility.

The time when IITs were at their peak, there was a huge hue and cry about building more branches of the magnanimous school. In a hurry, some more IIT branches were built namely IIT Guwahati and IIT Roorkie. These new-breed of IIT's have unfortunately brought down the prestige of this premiere institute.

News is that more than 700 students have declined admission to these new-age IITs. Can you believe it? There are students who have actually turned their backs to the Indian Institute of Technology! Does that mean IIT's no longer contain the worth that they once did?

Have the IITs lost their sheen?