I was molested by Delhi Police officers

Created by Gayatri Goswami - 24th Apr, 2013
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I was molested by Delhi Police officers

I work in a news channel and was returning home from a late night news shift. My office is in a posh south Delhi area. It must have been 1 am in the morning and i was stopped by the police at a barricade that's close to my office. Thinking it was a routine check, i stopped my car. The police constable on duty told me to roll down my windows and when i did he asked me where i was going at this time of the night.

He then put his hands inside the car and grabbed my breasts. Too stunned to say anything I quickly drove off in my car. i am still in shock even though it has been over a year since the incidence.

Are police just animals just like the criminals they pretend to go after?