How to get over your ex!

Created by Gayatri Goswami - 15th Jul, 2013
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How to get over your ex!

First things first. Get rid of all those liquor bottles in the house. No honey he ain't at the bottom of that vodka bottle. All you'll end up doing is drunk dialling him and live to regret it in the light of day.

Invite your girlfriends over and have a bonfire with stuff that reminds you of him. Throw everything he ever gave you, anything that makes you nostalgic and yearn for him, cast into the fire. That and then dance around the fire! It is after time to celebrate.

If you've been stupid enough to get a permanent tattoo of your ex on any part of your body, now may be the right to schedule that appointment at the lase clinic. You don't need any reminders of the creep on your body! Not even if you tell yourself they are scars of battle. Deepika Padukone sure must feel silly with that RK on her neck!

Physical distance is the best way to get over your ex. Distance does not always make the heart row fonder. It's out of sight out of mind strategy.

Keep away from common friends, they'll only end up talking about the break up making things worse.

Pick yourself up and splurge on a new wardrobe. If you look good you feel good!

Also make way for that sexy salsa class you've been thinking of taking. Who knows you may just land up meeting a hottie on the dance floor.

Take of on a vacation for one! Who says escapism is a bad thing and travel always brings out a new perspective. Don't forget to pack that bikini.

Indulge yourself the right way and i don't mean waiting by the phone willing it to ring. No indulge and pamper yourself with some gooey spa experiences and massages. Wellness starts with the right mind body balance.

Alternatively if you have any residual anger from the break up burn that fat and anger at the gym. Go kick some ass. And watch those pounds slip away! If you can end up looking smokin hot, all the better to remind the loser what he's missing right?

So the next time you've checked into heartbreak hotel, try giving these tips and thought.

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