How super foods can change your life

Created by Priyanka Sharma - 25th Jul, 2013
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How super foods can change your life

Have you ever included Aloe Vera in your diet? Or ever snacked on flax seeds? Have you heard of figs or ever tasted wheatgrass in your life?

If you're alien to all these terms, then dude, we have a problem!

These are called SUPER FOODS; the newest trend to have arrived in the food industry.

Let me tell you the super fantastic effects the inclusion of these foods will have in your life.

I had a friend who lost 10 kilos after eating the right kind of food. The problem with us is that we gorge on anything that has 0% trans fat or Fat-Free written on it.

That is the biggest mistake that we commit. The fat-free products that are sold in the market are extremely bad for your health. It not just slows down your metabolism, but even kills the good fat in your body.

This is the reason why many people who go on a diet, almost immediately start feeling frail and depressed.

So it is important to get a better picture about weight loss and eating right for the weight loss to stay.

These super foods not only cleanse your system from the inside but also help in increasing your metabolic rate.

My friend who lost 10 kilos starts off her day with wheatgrass juice on an empty stomache. After which she eats a banana and some nuts to go with it. She eats strawberries, figs etc as her mid-morning snack, and munches on flax seeds during the day.

For dinner, she prepares a simple salad and uses aloe vera as a super food ingredient in it. The girl has lost a lot of weight and now looks like a treat!

Super foods are incredible for your system. Eat it daily and be merry always !

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