Going in for arranged marriages not easy

Created by Monika Rawal - 25th Jul, 2013
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Going in for arranged marriages not easy

Going in for an arranged marriage isn't an easy decision. For the past few months I have been undergoing the process of meeting prospective grooms and I must say it hasn't been an easy ride.

My parents have been looking onto different matrimonial sites to find a perfect match for me. Every day they list down 10-12 suitors, which later come down to only two.

While at one hand the idea of having an arranged marriage looks exciting to me because of that curiosity factor involved, but at the same time the fear of making a wrong choice, always haunts me.

It's really difficult to decide whether a person is suitable for you, in just one or two meetings, but as the procedure goes by, one has to take a decision in just two meetings only. I really don't have any criteria in my mind that I would need 'these' qualities in my life partner rather it just has to click from within.

Frankly speaking, I have met a few suitors and they turned out to be good as far as their educational or family backgrounds are concerned. They had pleasant personalities but still there is always a fear to choose the right, which makes it really difficult for me to take a decision.

We meet and we come back to our respective homes and later there is no communication from both sides. How would one get to know that this person is right for you? I still haven't been able to figure that out?

Does this happen to all people, who go for arranged marriages or it's just me whose thinking too much.