Girl child not going to school/dropping out Due to Lack of Toilets?

on Feb 04, 2013 , 01:38 pm
Gutsy Girls do Make it to school,specially with Adamant parents supporting the cause of Girl Education. Watched NDTV along with Coca cola Support My School campaign(SMS)9 am-9 pm yesterday,3.2.2013,second time after one year..must say it was a Success last year too,with the money collected Reaching out to Genuine parties,and film stars and sports person,specially Sachin Tendulkar was Promoting the Cause of Education,non stop for 12 hrs...The team collected More than 10 crores in One day of campaign on is Likely to Benefit more than 272 Schools all over the Country, higher than their Expected target of 250! Basic amenities will be provided in the schools already Functioning sort of Minus toilets..Everyone in the team and the invited donors and guests had one thing Common to Worry about...Lack of toilets was The Reason,Girls were not sent to school,after a Certain if the boys do not need toilets.. Without sounding Cynical,how many Girls can Make it to school?? In Rural India within heart of Delhi,girls are still a burden,a paraya dhan, that should be Packed off at the Evade/pass on the Responsibity, to another House.. and all the child brides do not Turn out to be Phoolan Devies..they Become Rebels in their own ways for rest of their lives,passing on Rejection for the Girl child.. . I thought, and so do many Enlighted people Believe.. the Girl Child is.. the Lucky be given away, after Proper Education another home..the Lucky Mascot Does leave a Trail of Good Luck in her Parental home,after marriage ..and after Education SHE keeps Blessing 2 Homes.....
Neelam Nath
every one who feels why coca cola and parties are Added as Interests...ask team itimes..they do it without any not so net savvy..the moment I add an interest,or a picture, entire blog is Wiped out..Need Help...
on Feb 07, 2013 , 03:33 pm
Pushpinder Sahi
nice post but why have you 'coca cola' and 'parties' to your post. suggested some relevant interests like 'problems in India' or 'young india'
on Feb 05, 2013 , 01:10 pm
Baba Funsingh replies to Pushpinder Sahi
i think you are right
on Feb 06, 2013 , 03:26 pm
Neelam Nath replies to Pushpinder Sahi
not so net savvy..these interests come Automatically..if I Try to Add,entire blog Disappears!
on Feb 05, 2013 , 03:45 pm
Pushpinder Sahi replies to Neelam Nath
Hi Neelam, Request if you can elaborate on 'blog disappears'. I understand itimes does not allow more than 5 interests but at any time you can cross out the irrelevant ones and include your own using 'Add Interests' in the right panel. you mean the webpage leads you out of the blog window to 'Create Interest' or is the issue something else. Thanks in advance. your input will go a long way in understanding the concern you highlighted. regards.
on Feb 06, 2013 , 04:57 pm
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