Forced into wife swapping for promotion

on Apr 12, 2013 , 02:55 pm
They say you marry a man who is like your father. In my case i married a guy who was in the army just like my father. But the similarities end there. My father would never dream of doing what my husband has done. He asked me to be part of a wife swapping party just to get a promotion.

Yes it happens. Wife swapping is a dirty secret that exists among army officers. Some do it willingly and some do it because they are forced into it by their immediate seniors.

My husband threatened me that he would divorce me if i did not attend these wife swapping parties. I had no choice but to go ahead and agree to have sex with my husband's boss. I do not want a divorce for the sake of my son. Having him grow up without his father is something i am not willing to live with.

These parties are very secret and no one opens their mouth about it.

They meet once a month at a secret location. Everyone was invited through SMS which just give the date, time and location. So far 6 couples are part of this wife swapping game and they were looking to expand. But are willing to let only reliable people enter the group.

We reached the place, it was a farmhouse in Delhi. Initially we started talking, all of us. There was also alcohol provided to make us relax. Then each man is required to drop their car keys in a bowl. Then each lady has to pick up any random key from the bowl. The key she picks up decides her sex partner for the night.  

You can choose to have sex inside rooms or in front of everyone else. After the keys were selected, I watched in shock as they started having physical relations with each other's husbands and wives.

Watching group sex can be shocking to say the least. I felt like it was not real. Initially it felt wrong and strange having sex with another man. But then i realised it's just sex and not love. I still only loved my husband.

Now i feel its a part of my life that i am OK with. It's a small price to pay to save my marriage. If my husband is happy so am I.
Rawna Ch J
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on Aug 15, 2013 , 03:34 pm
Nitin Agrawal
THIS ARTICLE IS FAKE because most of the material is copied from here ---
on Jul 28, 2013 , 05:17 am
Moogli Sidd
& another thing is that till LT.COL promotion in army is time base.
on Jun 17, 2013 , 12:18 pm
Moogli SiDd
if it this happen, then mam with your husband u r also responsible for it. because if for promotion he can made u to do this, then tomorrow he may leave for promotion also.
on Jun 17, 2013 , 11:36 am
I can understand a man wanting to see his wife having sex with another man for pleasure or to spice up their sex life.But to do such a thing for a promotion is like pimping ones wife.
on Jun 01, 2013 , 09:46 am
Tarun Kulshrestha
This may be a little portrayed one but the scent of reality does come from it. Air force Chief has been sacked in the past for big manipulations of deals. Lt. Generals in Adarsh Ghotala are the examples to justify that defence personnel are humans. and they they are no exception to commit a mistake. Attained silence and acceptance by the fellows makes it a culture. Its natural to be on the part of a soldier to protect its organisation's collar on such social podium.
on May 23, 2013 , 11:35 pm
Gordon Matthews
what you have written some people will say aww but some time having group sex can be good for married life or wife swapping say like you would get bored of eating home food every day in a month you would like to go out with your husband to a restaurant and you do have to pay extra for that food so sometimes trying other things like i am sure you would use your hands sometime in the bath
on Apr 23, 2013 , 04:32 am
Rishi Rathore
Is it for real? i just hope ma'am if it is real,you start a new life with better self esteem.inner self conscious matter more than anything else.
on Apr 16, 2013 , 11:30 am
Aashique Yashvardhann
hey its really bad.after wife swapping,wont u catch STD'S?
on Apr 15, 2013 , 07:19 pm
Mohammad Abdul Samad
Lady, your story will only embarrass you and your child in the end and nobody else. It is really disgusting, shameful, and punishable disclosure.
on Apr 15, 2013 , 11:43 am
Moogli SiDd replies to Mohammad Abdul Samad
u r right bro..........
on Jun 17, 2013 , 11:37 am
Kirti Deol replies to Mohammad Abdul Samad
It's very easy to judge from the other side. If your frame of reference does not allow you to understand things like this then its best to hold your peace and not make such kind of judgements.
on Apr 15, 2013 , 12:19 pm
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