Donating for social welfare

Created by Susanta Mukherjee - 12th Oct, 2013
Interests Tagged #Welfare #Organization

Recently I got a call from a reputed child welfare organization to which I am actually donating a small amount. The call was about if I can help them find people who want to donate. As the amount need to start a donation is just a few hundreds I thought I will get many. I started talking to people and realize that it's not easy job. When it comes to donation even for a very well salaried person, it's a complex decision to take. Actually I don't have any complain against people denying or not willing for a contribution. We cannot force someone to donate or try to force to do so. However from my personal experience, I have two points to share with people who want to donate or have a plan to donate in future. I have seen people having confusion with these points to start contributing. First do we need to earn lots of money to start donate or how much money one need to earn do start donate. Am I going to expect some benefit like tax deduction out of my donation? Frankly, for a true welfare organization each and every paise counts and each individual contributor is important. The second thing is the benefit. The moment I started donating, I started feeling happy about my contribution to the society and this is true probably for the most of the people contributing to some welfare organization. What can be more benefit than become happy? So if you really want to donate, don't think a lot, just start.