‘Do you know who I am’ disease

Created by Jaya Paul - 27th May, 2013
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‘Do you know who I am’ disease

Once I was going to a friends place when I stopped over a red light and I saw two rich brats in an SUV, fighting with a traffic cop for jumping the signal. The guy driving the car was not ready to accept his mistake and tried to shrug off by saying 'Tu jaanta nahi main kaun hun' ('Do you know who I am').

And this is a very common phenomenon, especially among the ones who live in farmhouses and drive SUVs.

These rich brats are under the impression that they belong to affluent families and have the right to do anything and everything and would easily get away.

If figures are to be believed Delhi takes the cake when it comes to using the term. It is one their favourite lines to cops too.

It's very easy to recognize such 'dudes'. They would be seen wearing tight T-shirts, with their biceps bursting out and driving the 'best car' on this planet.

These are the people, who are not scared of the police and they know that their status symbol will help them get off quickly. They feel they are superior to everyone and can do whatever they want to. For them, this is a line which declares that they are way above everyone else and cannot be touched.

Our very own Bollywood stars also use this term very frequently.

Remember the most publicized brawl between Saif Ali Khan and the South African businessman in Mumbai last year.

Saif was accused of blurting out "Do you know who I am?" line at the businessman during his infamous fight at a five-star hotel.

Though Shah Rukh Khan did not actually say the term, but he implied the same when he was detained for two hours at the US airport in 2012.

It's important to instill some sort of a fear of police in these so-called 'dudes' and make them understand that they cannot be let off so easily.

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