‘Diet cola can kill you’

Created by Sohini Tripathi - 12th Jul, 2013
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‘Diet cola can kill you’

I have always been extremely conscious about my weight. I was never skinny & always struggled with a bit of fat. I thought eating anything that had 'fat-free' or 'diet' written on it was a good deal.

Oh how I was wrong in my interpretation! Right now, I am 35 and I am struggling with 8 different health problems.

I wish I had listened to some nutritionist while I was on a mission to ruin my body, thanks to dieting!

Fat-free or diet products should be completely banned by the health industry. The use of chemicals and a certain 'ASPARTAME' content in mostly all of these diet products is poisonous.

Aspartame is found in all diet colas as well as the artificial sweeteners that we all use everyday in our lives. But did you know how cancerous aspartame can be in the long run? The intake of this can lead to several health problems.

Also, it has been proven that diet or fat free products can cause kidney failure and bone loss. Not only that but the deadly phosphoric acid is also found in many diet soda which erodes tooth enamel.

If only I had known the ill-effects of diet products, I could have saved my life and added a few more glorious and healthy years to it.