Daring drivers vs police commissioner

Created by Neelam Nath - 23rd Dec, 2012

Removing police commissioner will give More security to Women?Drivers are migrants,have never been to school,cannot read road signs,Still have Valid licences.It is a question of Demand and Supply in Dilli,with vehicles added @people entering the city.There is this lady doctor who does not want to give up medicine at 60,but cannot drive a car on busy road,Not to tire herself for rest of the day,instead of serving people,sit and brood about Traffic...so a known colony fellow, is employed though he is illiterate,he has a van to ferry school children,and also children of local police officer are taken for extra curricular activities...may be local police is keeping Tabs on his activities in the posh area...he has to take lady doctor to the domestic airport at 6am...a known devil is better than an unknown devil..isnt it! Car is of the woman,to be returned just after the drop. There is an accompanying boy who is responsible to get back the keys...after dropping her at domestic airport..the responsible boy is dumped...Alto car is taken to an unknown place...to be returned hrs later..this has happened yesterday..when people of all stratas are demonstrating at various places of dilli... how is police commissioner responsible for such fearlessness of an illiterate driver.... cannot believe local thana is shielding him...though he flaunts police power in a wrong way...he cannot be reformed...as some bade sahebs of the colony side him to remain bade sahebs......