Cop dead: Who is responsible?

Created by Anjum Seth - 26th Dec, 2012
Cop dead: Who is responsible?

The problem with our country is the ensuing blame-game that gets transferred from one authority to the other. The important issue of the Delhi Gangrape is now diluted thanks to the mindless actions of the hooligans at India Gate.

The third day of the India-Gate protests turned bloody and violent. Hooligans from several political parties entered the 'peaceful' protests and created a ruckus.

Unfortunately, not much has been written about the goons who tried to disrupt the sensitive cause and a lot has been written about the cops who played devil at these peaceful protests.

The cops have been blamed by the media groups and the public alike, which is alright since there were disturbing photos of male cops beating up women protesters at India Gate on the day of the protests.

But, what about constable Subhash Tomar, who died in the line of duty during the protests at India Gate? Subhash Tomar was beaten up on his chest by a 'protester' on the third day at India Gate. The impact of the beating was so harsh that it incurred an immediate cardiac arrest, resulting in his death.

What justifies this brutality and murder? Should we now demand capital punishment for those who did this?? These self-interested, violent and irresponsible protestors have handed over the moral ground to the government, making it easier for them to clampdown what was, to some, a genuine movement about an extremely important cause.

Who takes responsibility now?