Confessions of a workaholic!!!

Created by Monika Rawal - 23rd Jun, 2013
Confessions of a workaholic!!!

I have to be deeply honest while penning down my thoughts on the subject, for it just comes straight from the heart. I can relate to almost every aspect of what being a workaholic means and how it feels.

I won't say it's bad but yes it gets on your nerves when others start poking you for the same. Maybe for them, it's not normal and honestly I don't blame them, for they might have better things to do in life that I am missing.

Anyhow, I am a workaholic and I have no qualms in admitting it. My friends often ask me the grounds on basis of which I conclude that I am addicted to my work.

Well, if you can take back home as much work as you do in office, it's clearly there that you can't survive without work. If you can discuss your work related ideas while having dinner with family, there's really something that makes you love your job. If you start keeping a tab at your office website almost every half an hour even after work hours, you don't need any further validation that you miss being at work more than anything else.

There are times when you can let yourself be sleep deprived for days at a stretch just to meet deadlines of your office work. Things like finishing your pending office work become a routine thing after dinner and before you hit the sack.

It's a definite signal that you are a workaholic when most of the time you say towards the end of the day, "Oh, the day has ended too soon. I still am left with quite a lot of work." I know I get dirty looks from my colleagues for saying this but it is okay, I am used to it now and can't do much about the situation. I reiterate maybe they have better things to do in life that I am missing.

I still remember once we went out for a team lunch and I somehow correlated food with work at office. One of my dearest co-workers was prompt enough to take my case and like HOW! "Only a workaholic like you can talk about office while out for a lunch," she grinned. OKAY, I know it's getting too much but I can't really help it.

I agree it's only wise to treat work as a part of your life but yes you'd find people like me who make work their 'life'. Right or wrong - I don't really know and honestly don't care either. Quite clearly being a workaholic has its own share of highs and falls. You may find contentment in being in love with your job and it may backfire when others don't appreciate it. It relies completely on you how you look at it and deal with it.