Communicating with your boss

Created by Lavanya Sharma - 26th Jun, 2013
Interests Tagged #Office Relations

Most often you don't really care about your boss. Boss is a term for that person who you think was born to give you a hard time for no apparent reason what so ever. In fact keeping a boss happy might seem quite demeaning to some too! But there are those rare times when you find a boss who somehow just doesn't fit into the definition of that monster you have heard so much about.

You realize this strange boss of yours is friendly, saves your ass and also tries to understand you! When you walk into a boss like this you want to really make it happen. It's no more a matter of cat-n-mouse chase but a matter of responsible co-existence in a work environment. You respect your boss because you like them not because you are supposed to. You want to finish your work because you want to finish it not because your boss is going to scream at you. It's quite a miracle that such a boss brings out quite the best in you.

But something I have realized recently is you really don't want to get on the wrong side of such a boss. Firstly, because it makes you feel horrible, like you are breaking someone's trust. Secondly, you don't really want to destroy the state of mutual respect either. And from first hand experience the worst thing you can do to such a boss is not communicating effectively.

In India particularly, such a breed of boss is quite revolutionary. So you have to understand that person is going out of the way and challenging conventional means to deal with the team. The last think you want your boss to feel is that you are taking undue advantage of this. Don't let them feel that you are taking them for granted. The only way to do that is keeping your boss is in the loop of things.

Don't presume. Don't think that you boss (or in fact anyone) can guess your intentions without you putting it straight out there.