Choice of the Inner Me.... Happiness or Frown

Created by Preethi Bhat - 21st Aug, 2013
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Choice of the Inner Me.... Happiness or Frown

Today morning I had a totally different mind set. Should I be happy or be sad was the biggest confusion... Smile at problems or tell the world how sad I am... For a while, I thought of experiencing to be sad and yell out my problems to the world and tell how problems ruined my happiness...

I was preparing tea and found the milk was spoilt... Oh Shhhitt!!! was the feeling... I yelled at my bro, for not doing things on his own and waiting for me to tell each and everything... I ordered him to fetch some milk from the shop... the immediate reply was "NO" from him, " you get it if u are bossing around".... I grumbled and kept shouting for his misbehavior and got the milk myself... I was getting late to office so took out my fav dress and was about to press them and found there was a power cut in the morning for a weeks time.... Bescom was not spared from my yelling.... I went on and on bathed in shivering cold water... I had wasted my time grumbling and yelling so had hardly no time left for cooking my Breakfast and Lunch... I had to rush to office and when I finally reached, I was late for 1 hour... I had missed the Presentation and was cursing everyone in my mind for this... I had ten problematic and irritating customer mails which pissed me off and I sat to give a very blunt answer to all ten.... In No time I got a call from my boss to see him in his cabin... I had got back all the answers from the ten people through my Manager. Yes, everyone had escalated the reply I gave to the Manager of mine... Manager was not spared from my curse either and that was clearly visible on my face... I was stressed out that day so much that I badly needed a puff... In the evening when I was on my way back home, I cursed the lady who stepped my feet by mistake. I gave her a dirty look for what she had done to me... in return she ignored me this irritated me so much, I was again angry for the misbehavior.... I had to sleep early as I was tired that day
Next day was my turn to smile, I cheered myself and smiled at all the problems. I asked my bro to get milk and I offered him a cup of tea with extra milk and tea powder... This special tea made him behave extra polite and he went to get his clothes ironed, I noticed he had picked two pairs of my clothes. I used the cooking stove for hot water and on another I got rotis ready... By the time I was done with roti my brother was back and helped me in chopping the vegetables... I must tell you this guy is going to be a good cook... They say that if a person chops vegetables evenly it means they are considered as good cooks... The hot water was ready and the vegetables too. I prepared the subzi and went to take bath and asked my bro to keep an eye on the subzi....
Perfect!!! I was on time to office and I had the mails pending including the one's I had replied yesterday, I had to apologise today. I started replying and in fifteen mins I replied them with my polite and sweet answers. It was a miracle.... Those escalated apologized back for being so rude for yesterday's mistake!!!! I had a good company for lunch and it was my boss as funny as ever... Yesterday's mistake had vanished.... I finished my work early and was online on facebook... Had a awesome time chatting with friends... Evening, instead of being tired I was growing more and more energetic!!! The day went on smoothly. Problems just waved at me and I didn't realise when they vanished... Infact, I didn't even see them coming... They were just there like other stuffs... It was me who had stressed bit more on Problems and was panicked...I really was feeling good and also forgave a lady who almost bumped at me on the road.... I smiled recalling yesterday, I had bumped on an elderly lady as I was late to office and I had got all the curse from her...I decided not to curse this lady who bumped me and moved further... But, I had to stop for a while as someone from behind said "Excuse Me" I turned and looked back and saw the lady... she was sorry for what had happened. I said that was fine but I was curious to know why she had to come back and say sorry... She said " Madam, when I bumped on you, I was expecting you to yell and give dirty looks, but you just smiled and moved on... it was then I realised that it was my mistake and suddenly I felt very guilty that I could not move any step further, So I had to come back and say sorry".

This incident made me realise that you need not prove yourself right and others wrong... If you are right just stay calm, as the one who made a mistake will soon realise it. Its not the people in the world which is a problematic or tough to solve... Its we who make it either cool or irritating... Its no wrong to accept your mistake and its no wrong to forgive.... Its the inner you how and who you want to be... then, the world will be a easy thing to handle......