Bollywood's Twitter Queens

Created by Nina S - 2nd Jan, 2013
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Bollywood's Twitter Queens

The new adage these days in Bollywood is "A steamy picture speaks a thousand words." Every B grade model wannabe worth her salt lives by it. Talent and hard work be damned, it's off with the top and out with the ample assets. Ask Sunny Leone, she's made a career out of flashing it and where did that get her? A fat pay cheque and a place in Bollywood as the newest raunch queen. An appearance on prime time TV show Bigg Boss, one scandal ridden film fest and condom endorsement later, Sunny Leone's life is an example of the law of economics. Where there is demand, there shall be supply!

In fact with Sunny Leone's entry, the casting couch could become redundant. Why would there be the need for a casting couch when every actress out there is willing to expose anyway. That fat sleazy, sweaty gold chain, white patent chappal wearing producer could soon become obsolete. Why sleep with that panting bull dog of a man to get that film role? These starlets can get the public to eat from their errr hands by way of a more lucrative way-the social media! Jai Ho Twitter and Facebook! They spell doom for the likes of Abbasji, Pappu Punjabi and Bhuvan Kumar.

The rule of law is simple really-The more followers and likes a starlet gets on her social media site, the more famous she gets, the more famous she gets more the film offers and stage shows to gyrate her goods on. And it all starts with a little innocent candy baring.

When we armchair do gooders are dying under our lofty morals, they are laughing all the way to the bank. Sunny Leone wasbooked for one crore to ring in 2013 at a plush Delhihotel. Members of that moral middle class (yes I alliterate when I'm irate!) will be seen salivating under the spotlight of her heaving chest.

While Sunny Leone is a league apart, having had her credentials viewed and stamped by millions of starved men of this nation, others like Sherlyn Chopra, Rozlyn Khan, Sophia Hayat and Poonam Pandey jostle for mind space. But India is after all a democracy. There's more where that came from. Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra's very existence is by virtue of those very gentlemen!

Sherlyn too has grown from strength to strength, having landed her derriere (for lack of a better word) on the cover of Playboy magazine. The first Indian girl to ever do so; her 'leaked' images downloaded faster than you can say jack. No doubt the sense of competition in Poonam Pandey is worth applauding. No sooner had Ms Chopra announced her plans of world domination, Poonam Pandey announced her stupor inducing film 'Nasha'. Not one to be left behind, Veena Malik decided enough was enough and showcased her 'leaked' MMS. Lesser mortals like Sophia Hayat and Rozlyn Khan joined this illustrious club with their bikini wearing, 'clothes dropping for a social cause' antics.

Instant gratification has led to instant manufacture. Instant plastic jobs leads to instant uploads which leads to instant likes. Good old Rakhi Sawant, now a veteran by these standards, must hitch up her err sagging morals and switch on the telly to complacently enjoy the movement she started. Long Live the Hooch Tube!