Being single on Valentine's Day: Is it a crime?

Created by Monika Rawal - 6th Feb, 2013
Being single on Valentine's Day: Is it a crime?

'So what...?' I asked myself once again, as everyone around seem to be gearing up to celebrate Valentine's Day with the love of their life. It may not affect as such but when endless questions start to pounce on you from friends and family, being single seems to be the biggest curse on planet earth. Especially, at an age like 27, it sounds as if you've committed a crime if you are 'still' single on Valentine's Day and yeah age factor matters a big deal no matter what.

For me though, it's like yet another Valentine's Day that I would get to spend alone, pampering myself and enjoying each bit of it just like past so many years. But how does it matter is the question I'd like to ask all 'singles and ready to mingle' out there. Does the V-day charm or fun get any less if you do not have a date to hang out with? Or getting expensive gifts from your mate is the only thing that can make you feel special on a day meant for love? I'd rather want to enjoy it my own way and not let anyone else decide what pleases me or makes me feel out of this world.

Believe me or not but being single on V-day is in itself an experience to be felt and lived. Just think what if your committed or married partner fails to makes you happy the way you had expected - what's the point in celebrating the whole V-day then!!! On the other hand, being single gives you more options to pamper yourself without letting that evident love void in your life bother you much.

I am not denying that Valentine's Day is an occasion meant to be celebrated with your soul mate but I'd rather find ways to make it special than to crib about not having someone to spend it with. Anyways, I wonder what is there that you can't do or enjoy about Valentine's Day if you are 'single'. You still can have so much fun buying gifts, going out on a date, meeting special people (read friends), enjoying scrumptious foods et al... you can indulge in all of this and more with or without someone. So if you are still single this Valentine's Day, don't miss the Golden Chance, it might be your last V-day being single - make the most of it. You never know if next time you have to plan surprises to please someone else at the cost of your happiness. Happy Valentine's Day!!!