Babuji has done enough of Kanyadaans on TV,it is time to be Realistic.

on Jan 13, 2014 , 08:25 am
Babuji has done enough of Kanyadaans on TV,it is time to be Realistic.
For past 20 years we have been watching sanskaars(value system) on TV and few movies promoting family values,every girl Yearns to have a Babuji like Alok Nath,who would be sanskaari to the core for his daughter and so would be the people around her,including the Damaad(son in law) the husband of his daughter. Can we infuse value system? wish we could.He has done so many Bidaayees on TV that giving away a daughter in marriage has become a Joke. Why should he care that he is promoting a retrograde Patriachy?Why should the serial makers care about the Sanctity of Marriage and focus only on the Gaudy sets and Costumes,available at Chandini Chowk for a price. To the Babuji of all girls wanting the security of the father figures in their lives, please tell them also ,besides the sanskaars..there is a girl out there in Real life,whose head is banged by her own real father,because she wants to go to the School like her brother, Tell the girls that certain Babujis do feel threatened if the Girl child overtakes the failed Son,just by bringing Good grades in her school, entirely her Own efforts,helped by none,Demoralized by all. To the Babuji, will you ever accept your daughter under your Secure folds, if she is unfortunately a Victim of Rape,or tell her to Marry the Rapist to Save the Family Honor. To the Babuji, will you give a sanskaar to your married daughter that it is Humanly not possible to Please all, sometimes she has to take a firm stand,like saying No to repeated sex selective abortions to get that prized son. Will you call your own daughter rebellious and side with her in laws or stand by your daughter..may be the sanskaar will get a new meaning and send some message to millions of girls who have been looking up to you as a father figure. Will you Babuji ,tell your daughter to Earn her Honor first by getting education ,then add on to the honor of the husband and the in laws , or the process of Acquiring Honor for the Daughter starts from her childhood ,the honor of her in laws. Why are we raising the Dwindling girls in a Fantasy World? How can we Not allow them to watch TV shows ? Why do the Babujis of this world owe No Social Responsibility ? Watching the social change for the past 20 years,post Ham Aapke hain kaun released in 1994, the girls reared during this period feel,it is stupid to get educated ,make fun of all women including their teachers and doctors and feel everything carries a price, with an attitude ,So what we have Paid for it ,some thing that their mothers Never did ,at least they had Gratitude for the Women ,and the Lady Doctor,who stayed with them during those difficult days of giving birth. To the Babuji with a hope that he realizes, Educated women can be sanskaari too ,you have done enough of Bidaayees on TV ,it is time to Inculcate some Realistic Values via your popularity,courtsey TV and movies.

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