Astrological remedies are of no use!

Created by Megha C - 12th May, 2013
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If you have the belief, it's a choice but those who do not believe in astrologers, I don't blame them. For these so-called self-proclaimed Gods of everyone's destiny are doing nothing but minting money in the name of predicting future and offering you probable remedies to overcome problems that you might be going through in life.

These days, so many claiming-to-be-gifted-with-divine-powers fellows have opened up full fledged offices where they entertain customers via one-on-one conversation. Hoping to find out a way to resolve their current problems and being curious to know about the future too, people don't really mind sharing the deepest secrets of life and ask astrologers whatever they wish to know.

Surprisingly, despite knowing that these astrologers have no scientific backing to what they say, so many educated people can be see queuing up to meet them. Ridiculous!

Hearing of such baseless remedies that these astrologers offer makes me feel annoyed more than anything else. If something is destined to happen, it would happen at the right time. How can doing something or following a routine can fasten up the process?

If someone is not getting married, he or she would be asked to do a religious ceremony for a set number of consecutive weeks with an assurance that by doing it, the delay would come to an end. If a couple is not able to have a baby, they would be asked to visit some shrine and do a certain charity and they can hope to be happy parents too. If someone is having troubles in their married life, they would be instructed to wear some stone to enjoy marital bliss. If someone going through a rough phase on the professional front, they would be advised to start following a set pattern of activities before they leave for work every morning. Come on! Sounds utter non-sense.

These remedies are only to satiate one's own conscious and can in no way help outdoing the effects of karma in everyone's life. It's height of insanity how people believe in these remedies and solutions offered by astrologers and actually expect that they would reap results. Well, that's the weird side of astrology!

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