Are we going in the right direction to our vision 2020?

Created by Krishnan Sankaran - 26th Dec, 2012

It seems the politicians are taking us ride irrespective of theparty thatrules the state or Centre. all parties are united in selecting the criminals and rapists as their candidate to represent the aam aadmis in the name of democracy. The media is also silent about the selection of criminals other than reporting that one thirdof the gujarat legislators are having criminal/rapists records against them. If not the candidates are rich and to protect their wealath adn to create more wealth they are pressing thepolitical parties. Corruption is rampant in all the political parties and they are united whilecollecting the donations and for their well being for their salaries and perks.
When Delhi CM told in the media that Rs600/ per family is enough to run a family of 5, WHY NOT the same logic applied and accordingly recommend the salaries and perks/pensions to the MPs/MLAs and thus save public money which can be spent for development programs. I do not know why the media is NOT exposing the Politicians in this regard?
If any one is having an answer do reply NOT to me but for the aam aadmis ifhonesty prevails