Annoying Honeymooners!

on Mar 26, 2013 , 03:37 pm
I've been one of those people who loves taking short breaks at any given chance. So the natural option for me on a long weekend break is to head for the hills. Except of course if you're looking to catch a break, don't think you'll have much success in terms of enjoying some solitude. The peace will be shattered by the nauseating sight of newly married couples on their honeymoon.

Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little PDA. In fact ts natural considering most Indians wait to have sex only after marriage. So naturally those pent up pheromones will be unleashed on the honeymoon. But at the rate at which honeymooners find any given chance to feel each other up surreptiously is not funny. You'll find them shadily under blankets in overnight buses to Mussoorie. In restaurants exchanging looks of longing even though they're stuck at the hip! I mean seriously people get a room!

And then there are those women who insist on wearing 6 inch high heels trying to make it down a vertical slope. The dutiful husband is close at hand in case the bovine breaks her neck!

So the next time you think of heading to the hills or the nearest beach for some quiet time, try looking out for signs that read Hotel Honeymoon. My advice is run for your life!
Neha Singh
U shudn't b travelling alone anyway..I never find any of these ppl, but u hve to choose ur destination likewise..I thnk psychologically, if ur uncomfy, mayb it's a sign u need to hitch up urself..
on Apr 02, 2013 , 02:03 am
Abhishek Jain
I think one should celebrate honeymoon in Kerala.
on Apr 01, 2013 , 04:56 pm
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