Anil Kapoor is scared for his daughters

Created by Nina S - 24th Dec, 2012
Anil Kapoor is scared for his daughters

In other news, Anil Kapoor has beefed up security for his daughters Sonam and Rhea as a result of the Delhi Gang Rape. In the midst of a weekend spent watching students protesting against rape at Raisina Hill, police at their incompetent best and furious tweets demanding justice for the Delhi Gang rape victim, this latest comes as comic relief.

Not to undermine a father's concern for his daughters and with all due respect to him, chances of Mr Kapoor's daughters being faced with a gang of rapists in the middle of the night are next to none. Anyone even thinking of rape next to them will probably have his thoughts bombarded in the no fly zone that surrounds Sonam Kapoor and her bodyguards.

Anil Kapoor can probably hire the best bodyguards money can buy, thankfully for him, Anil Kapoor and his daughters do not form the majority in this country. They can express shock in their ivory tower and then speed dial the best security agency there is. Unfortunately for the rest of us who have to take public transport and god forbid step out for a drink at the pub down the road, luck is our guardian angel. We'd be lucky not to get raped.

Ironic that the 23 year old fighting for her life is not witness to the fight for her rights. That her parents beg to be left alone in the midst of this madness. That they want to be left alone to concentrate on their daughter instead of spending their energy in front of gazillion cameras asking them how they feel. That this isn't just another opportunity, to be milked to be in front of cameras, to be written about in the media.

So when Sonam Kapoor goes ahead and makes statements like "My parents are as disturbed and angry about the incident and they are concerned for our safety. Personally, even I am scared to step out of Mumbai without complete security. Here the crime rate is less and the city is more secure." to the media, perhaps her PR team should advice her on the mammoth media milking opportunity that lies in wait if she as a young Indian woman shows her solidarity by her presence at India Gate. Then again, she may lose that Chanel bag in the riots.