All men are cheaters!

on Mar 28, 2013 , 01:51 pm
You must have heard the term "all men are dogs". Well i'm beginning to realize that it's true after all. I've seen my male friends cheat on their girlfriends. Husbands cheating on their wives. Office colleagues having extra marital affairs with other colleagues. And all this from men who are middle class and normal.

Contrary to popular perception extra marital affairs and open relationships don't just happen with a certain class. Most people think it's the rich who have the luxury to indulge in such time pass. So called devoted husbands who believe in looking after their wives and sharing responsibility at home too cheat! In fact this is real life example, my colleague who used to come late to work everyday has now started coming in as early as 8 am! All because he is having an affair with a 25 year old hottie! He would never walk in before 11 am before that! The office love birds even stick to each other on the pretext of work. And i bet the guy's wife thinks he is the world's best husband!

While some men cheat on their partners by having sex with other women, cheating is not always physical. It's mental most of the time. It can even be online flirting or even spending excessive time in the company of other women. Some couples will make excuses for it by saying it gives them space to have a better relationship. Really? I call it De-NIAL! And no it's not a river in Egypt! Even i have had my friend's boyfriends hitting on me. A friend of mine was in a live in relationship with her boyfriend for 5 years. I knew them for only a few months before they had trouble in their relationship. She found out that her boyfriend had taken "official trips" with a female colleague. Heart broken, she threw him out of their house. Guess what? The next thing i know is the guy is calling me up to ask if he can stay at my place! So much for loyalty! The best advice on men can only come from another man. My best friend is a man and had it not been for him, I would have been in similar dysfunctional relationships many times. He says it's all a question of men getting a chance to cheat. Some do, some don't. It's all a question of chance pe dance!
Chandramouleeswaran Viswanathaiyer
without active participation of women, men cannot cheat. If thread is going inside a cloth if needle is not paving way. this is a proverb.
on May 05, 2013 , 08:24 am
Pratima Joglekar
Don't take it personally have seen women who cheat too.. depends upon person not gender.. generalizing things is very easy..
on Apr 22, 2013 , 07:23 am
Yeah sure,you chose a guy who is flirty and attractive.and when he shows his true scream all guys are same.But the same time you just ignored all the nice guys who believe in commitment because they are Boring all your who is to be blamed for that ? if a man really is exciting to you and he rings your love bells in the brain.he has probably learnt that doing the same with other girls also
on Apr 02, 2013 , 04:54 pm
Dhanesh P
Why are you just blaming men?? Many women are also their who cheats!! Can you deny that??? Both men and women cheats. Just accept the fact.
on Apr 01, 2013 , 01:21 pm
Aroon Misra
I think men are not wrong because women always beautiful when he saw a lady think fit for me but in the mean time he looks another beauty n think better than ultimately reason behind another choice are a women.
on Mar 31, 2013 , 10:48 am
Aditya Nair
Every time a man cheats, there is a woman common in the equation, strange isn't it :P
on Mar 31, 2013 , 06:56 am
Shaheen Shaik
I think all men are pigs not dogs , dogs loyal to their owners, but men r never, always open for the new womans.Saale saare mardon koo na ek jagah ruka ke goli se shoot karne. i mean it
on Mar 31, 2013 , 03:46 am
Aroon Misra replies to Shaheen Shaik
Dear,u r also a representative of both men n woman .so do not abuse one .
on Mar 31, 2013 , 10:52 am
Completely disagree with you. A man does need a woman for him to cheat on his partner. The woman who he is having affair with could be someone’s wife or gf or partner and like. Would you not say that the woman he is having affair with is cheating her husband or bf or partner. Then have you not heard and read about whilst the men are at work their women are having affairs with close relatives or friends or servants or drivers. Remember it takes two to have an affair and women are equally guilty.
on Mar 31, 2013 , 02:58 am
Vikram B
All these men that you are referring to were in a relationship with women, these women are obviously wife, gf and partners of someone else! It is time for women to accept that they are no less bi tches! Now rewrite the above post by making it gender neutral. By the way your male best friend has started to hit on you... keep believing in him soon woh chance pe dance karlega!!!
on Mar 30, 2013 , 11:30 pm
Both men and women cheat.One can't generalize..I know people of both genders who have cheated on their partner. There is no logic and basis to your theory.
on Mar 30, 2013 , 10:17 pm
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