Airbus or DTC bus: It's All the Same to Us!

Created by Nina S - 29th Apr, 2013
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Airbus or DTC bus: It's All the Same to Us!

As someone living in a country whose economic growth is often describe as an elephant waiting to fly, the irony of that description is true in more ways than one. The picture that comes to mind is a somewhat clumsy Dumbo trying unsuccessfully to fly, not unlike the in flight behaviour of fellow travellers I've had the pleasure of observing on numerous flights I've taken.

First of all flying is something that doesn't come easily to us. We have none of the suave nonchalnce of world travelers at international airports. In fact where there is an airport there will be 50 relatives all behaving as though the person emabrking on the journey is never going to come back on Indian soil. And this mind it crosses geographical divides.

For every self respecting Sardar on his way to Canada, driving down to Indira Gandhi International airport will be the entire population of Hoshiarpur, Dera Bassi and Fagwarah to see off said sardar.

Fear not there are the Pavaam techie boys on their way to Silicon Valley seen off by tremulous Tam-bram parents praying that Venu will never replace the rasam rice meals made lovingly my his Amma for some white hussy's Sunday night meatloaf! And in case you can't spot the Indians, kindly follow the smell of pickled goods and ghee. Or the sound of plastic 'thelas' containing homemade pinni and panjiri or theplas if your Jignesh bhai. All this hullabaloo even before we get onto the plane.

There should be special module taught to airline staff in dealing with the entire diaspora of Indian passengers.