Against Odds,Being Successful..unbelievable but true..

Created by Neelam Nath - 29th Dec, 2012

A M.Pharm.from Delhi university has,halwais,hardware goods traders, his immediate relatives.His grandfather wanted him to be a Dr.and he could Afford to go to a private university,but he chose Merit instead and got into DIPSAR(previously COP) the only super speciality college for Pharmacy under Delhi univ.and cut off competetions, purely merit based on class 12th exam! and after this 4 yrs of professional course, for M.Pharm one has to take up all India GATE exam and percentile should be around 99%....he does not flaunt his degree among his down to earth relatives...Another boy same age,same social factors want to be called..Chef..he gets Angry if someone was to mention...he is son of a halwai.... There is this P.hD from another renowned and pvt. Pharma institute of Delhi..his parents sell sarees in chandini chowk..he got a gold medal from Sonia Gandhi, proud parents have his photoes with soniaji all over the place...and he brings along his parents to all functions held in the college,as by now he is an assistant professor...impressed....but does another boy ,living in south Delhi,whose father is also in saree business in chandini chowk, gets offended, by his lineage..he wants to be known as ,Fashion designer..he went to Singapore for 'higher' education...he is stable in his work...we all go out to work, we all want to be...with the ..times.. we all want to progress..but cleverly hiding...and leaving..and keeping under wraps..a part of us..before we go to work not .fair... Occassionally we do come across some rare Girls...fighting Odds ..and ..getting ..there...some .consolation..but for the family of the educated girl..shaadi is ..beall....for the educated boy amidst he wants equally educated girl...with(out) dahej..