A Modern Day Fairy Tale !

Created by Miti Nagar - 14th Oct, 2013
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A Modern Day Fairy Tale !

Fairy tale in childhood was fantasizing ,pure, colorful, happy and beautiful, but do you think it is the same in today's context? Here is a story, a fairy tale of today's world.

I was not raped that day!

"They say SHE got raped on that day

But I know, I know the truth!

SHE was raped the moment SHE was born

The moment the doctor said

A GIRL is born!

SHE was raped when SHE took the fresh air

Thinking SHE is safe!

SHE was raped the moment that evil eye

Scanned her even though SHE was covered

You know, SHE was raped at very first second

Of her life


Even at that time!"

. . . Tears ran down her cheeks when she wrote this poem in her diary just exactly after a year when she got raped. Not only her eyes but her Soul cried.
Next morning when she wakes up she feels that something is awkward out there, either too good to be true or something worse. She steps forward and finds a big frog sitting on the chair with red lights around. The girl was shocked to see that. Oh yes the frog was huge and oops! He could even speak.
She gathered courage and asked, Ammm excuse me! Mr. Frog what are you doing here? And what is all this? Ha-ha laughed the frog and said stupid girl you remember you wrote a poem on me? When you were just 7, I found it few days back lying with those dirty smelling bags of garbage. I loved the poem so much that I am here to grant you a wish.!

The girl is still not able to believe it; the frog gave her 3 days to decide a wish that she could ask for. The deal is now confirmed and the frog disappears.

After a while the girl goes near the mirror and, she says "ahh so ugly I look, so I'll ask for a beautiful face. But suddenly after a second she has tears in her eyes, she slaps herself because even if she was ugly she had to face that horrifying grave situation. What would have happened if she looked beautiful? She dropped the idea then. But still one thing kept bothering her, she was tiered of what people talked about her, she couldn't take it. She always remained upset because of other people.

Suddenly that evening she meets the frog, and frog reminds her that DEAR you just have one wish to ask for, and then he disappears. The girl kept on thinking, every blink of her eyes would give her a new thought and she ended up getting confused. With this she slept and entered a dream .There comes a guy in a white Mercedes, well dressed and opens up the door for the girl to take her for a long drive.
This dream leaves a smile on her face and she decides to ask this dream to come true. The next day she meets the frog and tell him that make that dream that I saw last night to be true.
The frog says "terrr terry taraaaa, the wish is granted"

While going home she finds a white Mercedes standing, she runs faster to see her dream guy, when she goes near, the dream guy standing there turns out to be the same man that she hated the most, the one who ended her life when it had to start. Crying out loud she goes back to the frog and says, please please undo the wish, and please send him away, please. The frog then agrees and deletes everything about that wish. Out of happiness the girl kisses the frog and the frog turns out to be a holy man, a Brahmachari. THANK YOU screamed the frog now a man. The girl was half dead to see this and she asked him to clear out about what is going around. The man takes out his android and makes her read something (every human now owns a phone, even those who left the moh maya :P ) it said that if he failed to send a particular message to 21 people in 5 minutes he will become a frog, and as the man failed to complete it he became a frog, the only remedy was that if a girl kissed him with tears in her eyes he will be back to be a man. So sorry but I had to do this said the man.
The girl had nothing to say but she hated herself more as she kissed a man. She felt disgusted she wanted to forget the past and wanted to be happy. While going back she meets a rat, the rat gives her a map and runs away. This time she believes the rat, also because the rat was small in size and couldn't speak. She follows the map and reaches near a river. The last step stated that she has to look at the river and she will find all the answers to be happy. She met her soul there. She realized that she mattered the most then other and the past.

Stretching her hands and yawning she wakes up from the dream, rushes towards her dairy and writes

"I wonder if I could ever be happy

I wonder if I could ever smile, I wonder who would take

me to the world of happiness.

Wondering and wondering I looked into a river and found my answer,
the answer was in my reflection

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