A girl's Dream!!!

on Apr 30, 2013 , 04:40 pm
When I grew up as a girl...I was more of an adventurous type.I played boys games...always ready to take challenges.Never said,"How can I do this ?.My first ambition as a child was to become an air force pilot,but little i realized that I was a girl.I was a very happy go lucky girl...always flying high...very positive in life.I never ever bothered about anything....always dreaming high.
But is it that easy for a girl to achieve her dreams???Can she do whatever she wants???Is it bad for her to be career oriented???For some rebellions the answer may be a YES...but for me it was a NO.
I was a meritorious student...excelling in all my subjects.I wanted to become successful like my brother...I was just at the start of my career...then I was told that I am a girl!!
For most of the parents in the Asian community,priority lies in getting daughters married as soon as possible that to an NRI...and at this point shattering of a girl's dream starts!!

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