10 things that made Krrish 3 a hit

Created by Monika Rawal - 6th Nov, 2013
10 things that made Krrish 3 a hit

While movie buffs enjoying watching this sci-fi saga on the big screen, trade pundits and critics are still wondering what worked in favour of 'Krrish 3' that the film is still breaking all Box Office records.

Reportedly, the much touted 'Krrish 3' broke records of Chennai Express that was released in August 2013 with a mind-blowing first day opening at the Box Office. if you are still wondering what really made Krrish 3 a super hit, here are the top ten points that would answer your doubts.

1. First of all, Krrish 3 is a sequel and the third one in the series, so there is an obvious curiosity factor that attracted everyone to the big screens and helped the movie have great collections at the Box Office on the first day itself.

2. Keep a festival-time release and chances are quite high that you would end up making great collections and do extremely well on the revenue aspect. Diwali time possibly was the apt pick for Krrish 3 makers and producers to release the film and that really worked in their favour.

3. Hrithik Roshan in a double role is an added bonus for movie buffs as well as his fans. Playing India's sexiest super hero was a sure shot to way to connect with audiences but the actor went a step ahead and surprised everyone with his double role as playing an elderly cute potbellied father.

4. Launching Kangana Ranaut as India's first super girl, Krrish 3 didn't really disappoint in that aspect. The actress did her bit to her best capacity and certainly left an impact on viewers' mind.

5. Vivek Oberoi, who has always remained the underdog in Bollywood, finally got his due share of fame and screen presence playing the negative lead in Krrish 3. Well, even if you hate it otherwise, his stint in Krrish 3 would keep you glued to your seats.

6. The kind of special effects that have been incorporated in Krrish 3 would leave you spellbound even if you go in full comparison mode with that in the West. Well, if not better, I'd say all special effects in the film are par excellence with the Hollywood know-how.

7. Krrish 3 is a super hero and even the game 'Krrish 3' became quite popular among kids and other movie buffs. So it gave them all reasons to check out the film on big screen and contribute towards making it a hit.

8. Krrish 3 is not a 'shot in the dark' attempt. Of course the makers of the film knew well how to keep the plot connected with the earlier two films in the series and that's how the this one continued the magic and didn't disappoint movie buffs.

9. Indian audiences love happy endings and despite the gory fights between the super hero and the villain, Krrish 3 ended on a positive note preaching a lot to the movie lovers. So again, there is a lot that you can take back home with you after watching this film!

10. How can I forget Priyanka Chopra! Though the starlet was at her best in Krrish, the sequel showed her in even more sexed up form playing quite a balanced role. No wonder she added to the glam factor that made male fans drool.

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