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Your Pick: The best magazine cover for March 2015

36 mins ago, by Kanav Mehra

Which magazine cover do you find the most appealing and hottest of all.. Take this poll and vote for the best one right now.

Total Votes 1

Should the BBC documentary on Nirbhaya rape case be aired or not?

39 mins ago, by Rahul Srivastava
Should the BBC documentary on Nirbhaya rape case be aired or not?

It has been more than two years since the country was literally woken up and put in a state of shock cause of the Nirbhaya rape and things haven't changed much. Recently, Mukesh Singh who is one of the convicts of the case gave a statement for a BBC documentary which brought back the horrific memories of the incident to haunt us.Do you think that the documentary should be aired considering the sensitive topic and the public sentiment attached to it? Why do you want to give the accused so much


AIB roast: Aamir Khan replies to his critics!

39 mins ago, by Samira Kapoor
AIB roast: Aamir Khan replies to his critics!

The AIB roast has created a huge storm in our country over the past few weeks. India was divided into two sets of people. One, who supported the roast, and second, who were completely anti the roast.Bollywood super star Aamir Khan belonged to the second category, thus creating a huge furore in the country. Many people questioned Aamir Khan's hypocrisy. ON one hand, Aamir produces a film like, 'Delhi Belly', and on the other, he questions the vulgarity in the AIB roast. Aamir's fans


Women read Savita Bhabhi for the first time

47 mins ago, by Dev Kashyap
Women read Savita Bhabhi for the first time

A few Indian women were asked to read Savita Bhabhi for the first time. And boy! their reactions will simply make your day. For more interesting stories, log on to - Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SHOCKING: Maharashtra government bans beef

on Mar 03, 2015 , 05:19 pm, by Pratibha
SHOCKING: Maharashtra government bans beef

Seriously, I wonder for how long are we going to fight endlessly over petty issues that aren't of any relevance. So, what piece of news is doing the rounds this time? It's the #beefban in Maharashtra. Not just consumption of the red meat, but even possession and sale would land you up in jail for 5 years with a Rs 1000 fine. Gosh! What is this country coming to, I wonder. If the government really wants to put an end to animal slaughter then might as well ban chicken, pork, mutton, etc.

India vs West Indies: Who will win World cup 2015 March 6 match?

on Mar 03, 2015 , 05:16 pm, by Darshan Yadav

This will be India's 4th match in CWC 2015. So can India continue their winning streak against West Indies?

India will win
West Indies will win
Total Votes 4

Bhushan-Kejriwal rift: Will AAP stand divided under crises?

on Mar 03, 2015 , 04:39 pm, by Harpreet Kaur
Bhushan-Kejriwal rift: Will AAP stand divided under crises?

United we stand and divided we fallMuch to the dismal of the opposing parities AAP literally rose out of the grave in the Delhi elections 2015, claiming victory to become the undisputed favourite party in the heart of the capital. While many still believed that it was another mere fluke from Arvind Kejriwal and his team, others promoted lame reasons like BJP didn't want to win in the first place to the evenmore bizarre reason, like Congress helped AAP win.Little did anyone even consider that

The evolution of Apple products but wait till you see the end

on Mar 03, 2015 , 12:45 pm, by Gayatri Goswami
The evolution of Apple products but wait till you see the end

A celebration of the man and his vision on his 60th birthday. Produced by: Karthikeyan for The Symbol Company Creative Director: Jegadeesh Set Designer: Madhavan Music: Sriram Production Team: Bhopathy & Venkat Cinematographer: Madhesh Video Director: Bipin

Why should politicians get subsidized food?

on Mar 03, 2015 , 11:12 am, by Rebecca Lewis
Why should politicians get subsidized food?

Talk about our very own PM promoting the 'aam aadmi' lifestyle and we spot the parliamentarians having lunch for just Rs 29. Yes, we do want you to walk in our shoes, but that definitely doesn't mean that you get privileges that are meant for people who actually starve on the streetside. It is honestly beyond my understanding as to why should the politicians get subsidized food when it should be clearly meant for the underprivileged ones? As per a Times report, PM Modi also wrote a mes

Shocking: Rape convict blames the victim for the assault

on Mar 03, 2015 , 10:54 am, by Gurpreet Singh
Shocking: Rape convict blames the victim for the assault

Two years on since the Nirbhaya rape case and things haven't changed a bit. It is appalling that we co- exist in world that comprises of men like Mukesh Singh (one of those convicted in Delhi gang-rape case). Mukesh went on to say in a recent interview that he firmly continues to believe that a girl is the one who is responsible for rape.He went on to say, "When being raped, she shouldn't fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they'd have dropped her off after 'doing

Time to END India's VVIP culture!

on Mar 03, 2015 , 10:51 am, by Vinay Ghosh
Time to END India's VVIP culture!

This is the time to put an end to this pompous and arrogant VVIP culture that has plagued India since years. Just yesterday, devotees, old and young, were made to wait for 5 hours in Shirdi temple only because a VVIP had to do 'darshan' first. Isn't this mind boggling? Are there no rules and regulations for the Aam Aadmi like us? Is this country only for the rich and famous? I really want to see a stop to this stupid VVIP culture, that is created by the politicians! What do you

Pick: Best Shankar Mahadevan song

on Mar 03, 2015 , 10:51 am, by Dev Kashyap

It's Shankar Mahadevan's birthday today and so on this occasion how about listening to his evergreen tracks? Which is your favorite?

Breathless | Famous Bollywood Video Song | Shankar Mahadevan
Shafqat Amanat Ali, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Shankar Mahadevan, Caralisa Monteiro - Mitwa
Total Votes 50

Vote: Best bowler in Team India World Cup squad

on Mar 03, 2015 , 10:45 am, by Samira Kapoor

Team India was never really known for its bowlers before this world cup. This time, Team India can boast of some match winning bowlers. Which one is your favourite from our list below?

Mohammed Shami
Stuart Binny
Total Votes 95

Vote: Is the Galaxy S6 an iPhone clone?

on Mar 03, 2015 , 10:39 am, by Gurpreet Singh
Yes, Galaxy S6 is the carbon copy of all the iPhone features.
No, Galaxy S6 is very different from iPhone
Total Votes 44

Vote: Best male celebrity host on Television

on Mar 03, 2015 , 09:44 am, by Aarti Rao

These top notch Bollywood stars have made their presence felt on small screen in a big way. Hosting reality and game shows, they have indeed become a household name. Who according to you is the best among these all? Take your pick right now.

Aamir Khan
Amitabh Bachchan
Total Votes 149