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5 things you can’t miss out on during Navratri

33 mins ago, by Kanika Yadav

Navratri means nine days of non-stop festivity and no matter what religious sentiments you may have, this time of the year is to be rejoiced without any inhibitions. Fasting, feasting, dancing, shopping, worshipinga?? there is so much you can do during Navratri.So dona??t sit at home and wait for festivity to get over. Just get into the groove and step out to see everyone celebrating the festive fervour with full zest and zeal. Here is out list of top 5 things that you just cannot afford to mis


'Married women safer on streets than at home'

47 mins ago, by Jia Sen
'Married women safer on streets than at home'

A man has been setenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife in 2011. The Delhi High Court in its sentencing announced and admitted that women are safer on the streets than in their marital homes. This could be true also because women are still subjected to mental and physical torture after they are married either through marital rape or demands for dowry.A What do you think? Are married women really not safe within their marital homes?

Sania Mirza vs Jwala Gutta: Who is hotter?

1 hr ago, by Jyoti Sharma

Both these ladies are among the hottest sportswomen we have in India. Who do you think is hotter - India's tennis pride Sania Mirza or ace badminton player Jwala Gutta. Take this poll and vote now.

Jwala Gutta
Sania Mirza
Total Votes 0

Things we'll miss about Orkut

1 hr ago, by Neetole Mitra
Things we'll miss about Orkut

I know you guys have long moved on to Facebook and now to big bad and complicated world of Twitter but you have to admit that none of these are remotely as "cute" and as "cool" as Orkut used to be.A lot of us stepped into the world of social media with Orkut. That was back when no one guessed that could actually turn into an obsession! Yes. People were not zombie-walking down the roads looking into their smart phones or whatsapping even in their dreams. People back then had lives and they had

10 stupid things people say to non-vegetarians!

on Sep 29, 2014 , 05:52 pm, by Monika Rawal
10 stupid things people say to non-vegetarians!

Being a hard core non-vegetarian, I understand the plight my fellow non-veg friends go through every time they step out with vegetation friends. Dealing with all sorts of stupid comments and remarks from supposedly nicer people (read vegetarians); I feel we have somehow learnt to ignore it now. A But the judgemental remarks just dona??t seem to come to an end. Herea??s a list of most common yet stupid things that people say to non-vegetarians. A What, you eat chicken on Tuesday al

Hina Khan hot unseen pics

on Sep 29, 2014 , 05:35 pm, by Yukti Mehra
Hina Khan hot unseen pics

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Vote: Tamanna Bhatia's best co-star in Bollywood

on Sep 29, 2014 , 04:53 pm, by Kanav Mehra

Tamannaah Bhatia might not have had a great stint in Bollywood, but the actress does not seem to be giving up soon. Having acted in three films so far, who do you think Tamannaah looked the best with on-screen? Vote for her best co-star now.

Ajay Devgn (Himmatwala)
Akshay Kumar (Entertainment)
Total Votes 6

Freshface 2014 Auditions: Govt College for Girls Sector-11

on Sep 29, 2014 , 04:42 pm, by Itimes
Freshface 2014 Auditions: Govt College for Girls Sector-11

Catch all the action of Clean & Clear Chandigarh Times Freshface 2014 at Govt College for Girls Sector-11.

Shraddha Kapoor hot photos

on Sep 29, 2014 , 04:36 pm, by Jyoti Sharma
Shraddha Kapoor hot photos

Vote: Most fame hungry contestant on Bigg Boss 8

on Sep 29, 2014 , 04:23 pm, by Jyoti Sharma

Bigg Boss season 8 contestants finally seem to be feeling the heat inside the controversial house. As days are passing by, contestants are showing off their true colors. While some are being their original self, others seems to be just doing things for camera attention and footage. Who do you think is the biggest wannabe this year on Bigg Boss? Vote now.

Diandra Soares
Gautam Gulati
Total Votes 7

'All Modi fans are anti-democracy'

on Sep 29, 2014 , 12:53 pm, by Dev Kashyap
'All Modi fans are anti-democracy'

OMG! This is what Modi fans and supporters are like even in America!? I don't know why it surprised me so much! It's obvious. Modi fans, irrespective of where they are, will all be aggressive.This video is the prRajdeep Sardesai Fight at Madison Square Garden, New York Cityoof of that. If you want to see more videos just search on Youtube. Rajdeep Sardesi was asking questions to the crowd gathered outside Madison square when this fight happened!A Shame on these people. What do you have to

Vote: Best role played by Mehmood

on Sep 29, 2014 , 11:46 am, by Kirti Deol

Which one of the following roles played by Mehmood is your favourite? Tell us.

Pyaar Kiye Jaa
Bombay to Goa
Total Votes 23