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VOTE: Most annoying things girlfriends do

50 mins ago, by Shailendra Dhodi

Here are some of the most annoying things girlfriends do on daily basis. Take this poll & share which is the most annoying one for you?

Forces you to watch movie
Forces you to hang with her friends
Total Votes 6

Vote: Best historical monument in the world

1 hr ago, by Jia Sen

As Eiffel turns 126 years old, we have had some amazing historical monuments around the globe which have left us spell-bounded with their beautiful carvations and models. So which one of these mind blowing buildings is your favorite?

Eiffel Tower
Christ The Redeemer
Total Votes 1

Share: Your favourite April Fools' Day prank

1 hr ago, by Gurpreet Singh
Share: Your favourite April Fools' Day prank

It's that time of the year when you can get away with just about anything. April Fools' day is the officially sanctioned to do the most crazy pranks. What has been the most bizarre pranks that you have pulled off? Or have been subjected too? Share them here.

Shocking: Film on homosexuality banned in India!

1 hr ago, by Kripa Parekh
Shocking: Film on homosexuality banned in India!

Can someone please explain what sort of country we are living in, where everything gets banned for no reason. Reportedly, director Raj Amit Kumar's debut film "Un-Freedom", based on homosexuality has been banned in India. But I don't understand why. We have all sorts of sex comedies and raunchy films being released so why this biased approach towards a subject like homosexuality. I feel this is very unfair. What's your take on this?

Latest celebrity gossip you can’t afford to miss!

1 hr ago, by Harpreet Kaur

Life and relationships in Bollywood change at the drop of the hat and before you know it alliances are forged and years of associate cut off! Who knows what actually goes around behind the closed doors of this nexus? Here is the latest from the world of showbiz straight from our very own Khabri. Trust us, you don't want to miss this!

VOTE: BEST Domestic Airlines in India

on Mar 31, 2015 , 05:24 pm, by Rebecca Lewis

Their is a huge increase in number of domestic airlines in India, it considered both cheapest & expensive both. It really helped people to fly more due to affordable prices. Which is your favorite pick?

Air India
Go Air
Total Votes 4

Top 10 signs you are a bookaholic

on Mar 31, 2015 , 05:03 pm, by Pratibha
Top 10 signs you are a bookaholic

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Marcus Tullius Cicero. Do you connect with this quote? Well I do! Ever since I was a kid, books have always been my escape from this world full of cynicism and hatred. Not that I want to be pessimistic towards life, but reading has always made me feel closer to myself and create a world full of optimism and happiness. Have you in fact ever felt that books make you incomplete? Is that a yes nod that I see, LOL, then this blog is meant for

Deepika Padukone, ‘Your Choice’ is not ‘My Choice’!

on Mar 31, 2015 , 04:57 pm, by Monika Rawal
Deepika Padukone, ‘Your Choice’ is not ‘My Choice’!

Okay, so Deepika Padukone, in the latest Vogue Empower video 'My Choice', has announced it loud and clear that women are entitled to make their own choices in life and they ought to be unique. Well said!But hang on girl, the things you call 'my choice' might not exactly be the choice of billion other women living in this country seeking empowerment at every step in their lives. And that includes me too! I have the right to define my choices, and in no way, your word can be the last word

I have a crush on my married boss

on Mar 31, 2015 , 11:39 am, by Aakriti Rana
I have a crush on my married boss

I know it will sound ridiculous but i have a raging school girl crush on my boss. I don't have any intention of doing anything with him. I have had these feelings since past few months but never thought of sharing it with anyone. I tried a few times to distance myself from him but i couldn't as we work very closely together.It is kinda of cute how he helps me out if i have any trouble related to work or even personal. i never told him how handsome he is, as i am scared he may feel

Shocking: No place for Team India in ICC's World Cup XI team?

on Mar 31, 2015 , 11:03 am, by Garima Mehra
Shocking: No place for Team India in ICC's World Cup XI team?

I was quite taken aback to read about ICC's recently announced World Cup XI team that didn't have a single player from Team India. This comes as a bigger shock because Team India performed exceptionally well in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 where they won 7 consecutive matches before getting knocked out in the semi-finals against Australia.Moreover, MS Dhoni reached a milestone becoming the most successful Indian captain ever. Despite all this, not having any Indian cricketer in this list

VOTE: Best cartoon from the 90's

on Mar 31, 2015 , 11:00 am, by Sarthak

If you're in twenties then you must be wondering how much kids are missing theses days when it comes to amazing cartoons like Ducktales, Tom & Jerry & much more. Which is your favorite one?

Dexter's Laboratory
Total Votes 45

India as I see in 10 years

on Mar 30, 2015 , 04:59 pm, by Pratibha
India as I see in 10 years

With innumerable irrelevant bans, brutal rapes and murders, cricket World Cup snatch, political stirs, India has been on a roller coaster ride since five years precisely. I might not be as patriotic when it comes to being an Indian, but I sure see a brighter India in 10 years of time. If not major changes but at least a few alterations that would make this nation a country to live in at peace. Here are a few dreams that I have for India in 10 years.1. Rape free countryAs a Delhite, I want this

Biggest secrets about Anil Kapoor, his brothers & extended family

on Mar 30, 2015 , 03:34 pm, by Jaya Paul
Biggest secrets about Anil Kapoor, his brothers & extended family

With Bollywood famous for its Kapoor families, here's a sneak peek into the life of Anil Kapoor, Boney Kapoor & Sanjay Kapoor along with their extended families, biggest secrets revealed.

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15 celebrity look alikes that will make your jaws drop!

on Mar 30, 2015 , 03:28 pm, by Harpreet Kaur

Legend has it, that we all were born into this world with six doppelgangers. Yes, as bizarre as that sounds it is still actually quite true. While many may shrug of their shoulders to say that such stuff is made only for stories. Here are some of the best celebrity look alikes that I found while surfing through the internet. Trust me, these results might just shock you! And might just change the way you think about the entire situation!