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Bigg Boss 8 extending: Who should come as the wild card entry?

on Dec 26, 2014 , 11:10 pm, by Garima Mehra

Strong rumours are doing the rounds that Bigg Boss season 8 would soon be extended by another one month and most likely, the channel and show makers are planning to rope in contestants from earlier season as the wild card entrants. Who do you want to see inside Bigg Boss 8 house now??? Take your pick.

Ajaz Khan
Dolly Bindra
Total Votes 1

Bigg Boss 8 Week 14: Who should get eliminated?

on Dec 26, 2014 , 11:02 pm, by Kanika Yadav

While Gautam and Puneet are safe in week 14, rest all other contestants have been nominated. Poor Karishma, though she was safe in the nominations, but Sonali, using her power as the captain nominated Ms. Tanna too. Who do you think should be shown the exit door this week? Vote now.

Sonali Raut
Karishma Tanna
Total Votes 3

No prayers for our own children?

on Dec 26, 2014 , 03:54 pm, by Nupur Tripathy
No prayers for our own children?

How is it that mainstream media constantly decides to focus on international news and what is happening in cities but not what happens in remote corners of our country. Militants killed innocent children in Assam but there has been no voices heard from that part of the country? Are we not important enough? Or is it only "glamourous" news makes it to front pages?

'Shame on Indian police!'

on Dec 26, 2014 , 02:49 pm, by Kripa Parekh
'Shame on Indian police!'

In case you have been wondering why India has been unable to curb rapes, acid attacks, murders and a variety of other crimes then you need to see this video I've linked below. This is what the cops of this country are up to. Not in their free time. No! This is on duty.Aren't you just proud of these law-protectors?

Watch: Atal Bihari Vajpayee's HATE speech

on Dec 26, 2014 , 12:13 pm, by Samira Kapoor
Watch: Atal Bihari Vajpayee's HATE speech

Watch how former PM of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, instigated the BJP/ RSS crowd a day before the Babri Masjid was demolished. And our country has rewarded this man with the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna. SHAMEFUL!

Ugly movie review

on Dec 26, 2014 , 11:57 am, by Neetole Mitra
Ugly movie review

Starring: Ronit Roy, Rahul Bhat, Tejaswini Kolhapure, Vineet Kumar Singh, Surveen Chawla, Girish Kulkarni, Siddhanth Kapoor, Vipin SharmaDirector: Anurag KashyapCinematographer: Nikos AndretsakisEditor: Aarti BajajMusic: G. V. Prakash KumarRating: 5I saw Ugly somewhere in September this year in a film festival in Siri Fort auditorium. It was to be followed by Vijay Raaz's Kya Dilli Kya Lahore and I had planed to see that too. I couldn't. To sit through another narration of a different

Bigg Boss 8... Who to love & Who to hate!!!

on Dec 26, 2014 , 11:31 am, by Urvashi Dholakia
Bigg Boss 8... Who to love & Who to hate!!!

It is the 14th week of Bigg Boss season 8 and after watching some of the recent episodes, I asked myself "is this boring? Or is this boring??" Sahi Jawaab hai "it's highly boring"!!!!As my header goes which I need to point out is not for us audience but in fact it's for the contestants and their feelings towards each other... Also I think the makers of the Bigg Boss show too are running out of ideas as they seem to be giving them similar tasks as they had during my season (BB 6)... For

Vote: Best camera phone of 2014

on Dec 26, 2014 , 11:24 am, by Samira Kapoor

Which according to you is the best camera phone of 2014? Vote here.

Samsung Galaxy S5-16 MP camera
LG G3- Lazer guided auto focus system
Total Votes 19

Vote: Best Bollywood song of 2014?

on Dec 26, 2014 , 11:23 am, by Kripa Parekh

With the year coming to an end which Hindi movie song was the best according to you from the list? Vote for your favourite and help them win.

Chaar botal vodka
Baby doll
Total Votes 40

'I don't like my brother's girlfriend'

on Dec 24, 2014 , 04:24 pm, by Samira Kapoor
'I don't like my brother's girlfriend'

My younger brother has been dating this girl for last few months and I have also met her couple of times. Initially she was fine but after meeting and talking to her for a few times, I am just not liking her. The way she talks and behaves is so weird. She has no class and does not know how to dress and eat.I cannot let my brother be with her or even think of marrying this girl. I just hate her and doesn't approve of her at all. What should I do? Should I bluntly tell me brother or wait for him

Is it a good idea to extend Bigg Boss 8?

on Dec 24, 2014 , 03:58 pm, by Pushti Joshi
Is it a good idea to extend Bigg Boss 8?

Rumour mills are ripe that Bigg Boss season 8 might get extended by a month and viewers would get to see some of the evicted housemates and ex-contestants from previous seasons as wild card entries on the show. While some are excited with the whole extension thing happening, others feel that it would be too boring to watch the show for whole ONE more month.Somehow audiences have seen enough of fights and drama for last three months and extension would only mean saturating it further without any

Indian judiciary a joke: Sanjay dutt out on parole AGAIN!

on Dec 24, 2014 , 03:56 pm, by Dev Kashyap
Indian judiciary a joke: Sanjay dutt out on parole AGAIN!

I wish I were Sanjay Dutt. He's got such a cool life! He's out there in jail having a gala time. Doesn't need to deal with the everyday tensions. And if he gets bored he can always go for a vacation on parole! So cool.Kudos to this country! Really. This is the only place in the world where a criminal gets treated like a VVIP. He just needs to be a Bollywood star.This is supposed to be a jail term - a punishment - for Sanjay Dutt. He was associated with a heinous crime that shook India to the

Vote: Indian Sportsperson of the year 2014?

on Dec 24, 2014 , 02:52 pm, by Sahil Kakkar

Who do you is the Indian Sportsperson of the year 2014? Vote for your favourite here and help them win this title.

Sania Mirza
Mary Kom
Total Votes 157