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Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab: Who will win IPL 2015 May 6 match?

3 hrs ago, by Khalid Aamir

Two big teams of IPL 2015 will be going to face each other on 6th May, we are sure it will be a cracker of a game. Kings XI Punjab is under tremendous pressure to qualify to the next level & on the other hand Royal Challengers Bangalore is looking good with sitting third at the point tables, Who are you rooting for?

Kings XI Punjab
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Total Votes 1

DISGUSTING: SRK's Mango Frooti controversial ad

on May 04, 2015 , 05:47 pm, by Chitrath Karan
DISGUSTING: SRK's Mango Frooti controversial ad

Guess our Bollywood actors are on a "Let's do controversial ads" spree. First Ash's racist print commercial and now SRK's Frooti ad. Yes, even I agree that the words in the latest Frooti jingle are pretty disgusting for it says "Suck ita, Link ita". I mean, seriously ewwww! Recently, the commercial for the product has been tagged as disgusting by Shilpa Shetty's husband, businessman Raj Kundra. This brand mainly targets kids and how can someone come up with an ad copy as repulsiv

10 Bollywood celebrities who never age

on May 04, 2015 , 05:44 pm, by Harpreet Kaur

Let's face it, as a nation we are quite obsessed with how we look and when it comes to celebrity's appearance make or break careers. If you look around in the film industry it may seem like there are definitely some people who never seem to age. In fact it looks like they have access to a secret fountain of youth that makes us believe that some people are just plain lucky. Behold, here are ten Bollywood celebrities who seem to be stuck in time.

Vote: Best Bollywood director turned actor

on May 04, 2015 , 05:13 pm, by Dev Kashyap

With Karan Johar as a villain in the upcoming movie 'Bombay Velvet', we have seen a lot of main stream directors who have been keen to come on-screen. Let's take a look at some of the directors who have starred in some of the major Bollywood flicks. Who's your fav?

Karan Johar-Bombay Velvet
Kunal Kohli-Phir Se...
Total Votes 2

The worst male dancers in Bollywood

on May 04, 2015 , 05:07 pm, by Shahnaz Khan
The worst male dancers in Bollywood

Bollywood is known across the world for its quintessential dance sequences. Yet, the industry is never short of actors who can't shake a leg to save their lives. Most of the male actors in tinsel town, barring a few names, have found it hard to impress the audience when it comes to dancing. In the recent years, these actors have seen to have embraced their odd dancing to transform it into their own quirky style. Here are some out of the ordinary male dancers in the industry. Hate them or

Raai Laxmi Hot Photos

on May 04, 2015 , 04:22 pm, by Khalid Aamir
Raai Laxmi Hot Photos

10 reasons why it is completely okay not to get married now

on May 04, 2015 , 03:55 pm, by Pratibha
10 reasons why it is completely okay not to get married now

When people ask me what my age is, I hesitate a little, not cuz I feel I'm "old", but I know the questions that'll follow. I don't think anyone has defined that "perfect age" to get hitched, I mean turning 30 doesn't mean it's time to just devote your life to someone else now. I just hate it when my relatives come up to my parents with alliances that are so bizarre that I wouldn't myself spending my entire life with someone so random. So, here's why it's completely cool to be single even

Who is the worst male dancer in Bollywood?

on May 04, 2015 , 01:07 pm, by Gurpreet Singh

Bollywood is especially considered quirky because of its dance. But, there are many big names of the industry who have two left feet when it comes to dancing. Let us look at some of these actors. Which one do you think is the worst dancer?

Sanjay Dutt
Ajay Devgn
Total Votes 25

Vote: Hottest dimpled Bollywood actress?

on May 04, 2015 , 01:01 pm, by Aakriti Rana

One smile and trust us, any man will be gone for good. Who according to you is the dimpled queen of Bollywood? Vote here

Alia Bhatt
Preity Zinta
Total Votes 40

Andhra shame: Teenagers rape pregnant women, record act

on May 04, 2015 , 12:51 pm, by Nivedita Gupta
Andhra shame: Teenagers rape pregnant women, record act

This is utterly DISGUSTING! So in Eluru district of Andhra Pradesh, 2 Teenagers, one of them a minor, raped an 18 year old pregnant women.And what's more disturbing is that this shameful act was recorded by these goons on camera. Where is our country headed?

Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians: Who will win IPL 2015 May 5 match?

on May 04, 2015 , 11:30 am, by Rahul Srivastava

It's the clash of the titans, Both Mumbai Indians & Delhi Daredevils are battling to be on the top four at the points table. So, it will be a close encounter between these two teams, tell us, who are you rooting for?

Delhi Daredevils
Mumbai Indians
Total Votes 25

Kudos! UP girls take a stand, say 'no' to unfit grooms and mismatched marriages.

on May 04, 2015 , 10:54 am, by Raghuveer Shetty
Kudos! UP girls take a stand, say 'no' to unfit grooms and mismatched marriages.

From coming drunk to the wedding ceremony, to the replaced groom, UP weddings have taken a toll on the brides. But, talk about women empowerment and standing up for their rights, these super brides have come out in the open and chose to take a stand against the wrongful incidents that have been happening.It indeed is a proud moment for us Indians, for we are getting to witness such a drastic change from the smaller parts of the country. These brides surely receive a standing ovation for

Kangana Ranaut's inappropriate dress at National Awards

on May 04, 2015 , 10:48 am, by Samira Kapoor
Kangana Ranaut's inappropriate dress at National Awards

Image courtesy: PinkvillaWhy Kangana Why? This actress is someone who wears amazing and the most stylish dresses always. But at such an important occasion, when the actress was receiving the prestigious National Award in Delhi , for her performance in Queen, she wore such a mismatched outfit. Not only the outfit, but Kangana's hair and makeup were also flawed. We would have loved to see Kangana Ranaut in a beautiful saree for this occasion. But Kangana surely disappointed us

Shahrukh Khan's new look for "Raees"

on May 04, 2015 , 10:40 am, by Ritu Awasthi
Shahrukh Khan's new look for "Raees"

The "Badshah" of Bollywood has struck again with his amazing six pack abs with his new look for his film, Raees. He could surely give the younger tinsel town stars a run for their money. Shahrukh tweeted this picture of his new look for the film produced by Farhan Akhtar. This picture has got us all intrigued for the movie, but is he too old for such looks? What do you think? Do you like it or hate it? Would you watch the movie?

Pick: Hottest 'Nach Baliye 7' jodi?

on May 04, 2015 , 10:36 am, by Harpreet Kaur

Who do you think out of all the contestants is the hottest one this season? Vote for your favourite and help them win the tag of the hottest jodi!

Karishma and Upen
Nandish and Rashmi
Total Votes 936