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Diandra, the Bigg Boss villain we love to hate!

on Oct 19, 2014 , 06:17 pm, by Monika Rawal
Diandra, the Bigg Boss villain we love to hate!

I know we all hate her, from the core of our hearts, but the fact is Diandra Soares is indeed the drama queen, the true entertainer inside the Bigg Boss house. The rebellious attitude that this dusky model flaunts sans inhibitions is beyond control; and perhaps the only reason, she has become the most hated contestant on seasons 8 of Bigg Boss. It was funny to see that even the evil captain Ali Quli became a coy cat in front of Diandra's aggressin when she snapped at him badly in front of

Natasa Stankovic hottest photos

on Oct 19, 2014 , 05:56 pm, by Poornima Grover
Natasa Stankovic hottest photos

Ali Quli, Bigg Boss 8 wild card or a retard?

on Oct 19, 2014 , 05:49 pm, by Pooja Misrra
Ali Quli, Bigg Boss 8 wild card or a retard?

It's not unusual for Big Boss to spring a surprise with a wild card entry! And just when we thought things needed a little bit of shake up, Voila! In enters Ali Quli Mirza! And if his flamboyant self was not enough, his Captain status definitely made sure he entered with a bang! While everyone inside the Bigg Boss house and even outside too, seem to be questioning Ali's credentials, whereabouts and other details, here's the scoop from what I've known of him as a friend (read acquaintance).

Salman Or Gauhar....Who is the Real Big Boss?

on Oct 19, 2014 , 04:28 pm, by Pooja Misrra

Hello? WHAT GOING ON? Is Gauhar Khan the new Bigg Boss..? Go on and cast your vote and tell us if anybody can be a hotter Bigg Boss than Salman Khan!

Salman and only Salman can be Bigg Boss
We think Gauhar can be Bigg Boss too!
Total Votes 3

Diandra vs Ali: Bigg Boss 8 turns into a battleground

on Oct 17, 2014 , 10:58 pm, by Imam Siddique
Diandra vs Ali: Bigg Boss 8 turns into a battleground

Namaste & Salaam... Yeh hein aaj ke Bigg Boss 8 ka Kundali Jagruk paighaam. There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor political, nor popular. But he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right. Here I'd like to confess that I am tough, ambitious & I know exactly what I want, is that makes me a bitch. I'm OK! Speaking of conscience, makes one wonder do the show producers & heads even have a conscience? At the rate

13 signs you are an unstoppable talkative person

on Oct 17, 2014 , 05:19 pm, by Monika Rawal
13 signs you are an unstoppable talkative person

Talking is an art and those who know it, do their job brilliantly. Talkative people are not hard to handle, but just that they talk a bit too much. They talk and talk and just do not stop come what may. Talking makes them happy and being the talkative person, they are uniquely different from the rest. Whether it is good, bad, ugly, sense, non-sense or whatever, all they care about is talking non-stop and yeah, making others listen. Wondering if you are also one of them? Here are some

Vote: Only child more pampered?

on Oct 17, 2014 , 04:37 pm, by Kavita Azmi

Are single children more pampered compared to children with siblings?

Total Votes 79

Top 10 ideas for Diwali gifts

on Oct 17, 2014 , 04:19 pm, by Kavita Azmi
Top 10 ideas for Diwali gifts

It's that time of the year that we all have been waiting for. I think if you are in India, then this October-December stretch is what we look forward to the most. Suddenly all the festivals descend on us and it's like no one expects anything serious of us. It's fun time. It's the time to eat and drink and be with loved ones. And it's also the time for giving and receiving gifts.Most people run out of gift ides though and give really boring gifts. So read on and make up your mind on what you

'Jayalalitha granted BAIL by Supreme Court'

on Oct 17, 2014 , 03:53 pm, by Samira Kapoor
'Jayalalitha granted BAIL by Supreme Court'

This is what I call a real life 'CHUTZPAH'!How can this corrupt politician get BAIL? Jayalalitha is someone who should rot in jail for the next decade. Yet the Supreme Court has granted her bail on grounds that she is a women, who is also a senior citizen and has many health issues. WOW! Our Indian justice system is corrupt!

Pick: Who will steal the show in 'Happy New Year'

on Oct 17, 2014 , 03:36 pm, by Samira Kapoor

'Happy New Year' promises to be the biggest film to hit Indian cinema. Which actor do you think will manage to steal the show in Farah Khan's 'Happy New Year'? Vote now

Shahrukh Khan
Deepika Padukone
Total Votes 12

Is Delhi the most lawless city in India?

on Oct 17, 2014 , 03:10 pm, by Gurpreet Singh

In a shocking incident in Delhi, an assistant commissioner of police in the special cell's anti terror squad was assaulted brutally by three young persons, after their car bumped into the cop's vehicle from behind. Isn't this utterly ridiculous as there is no law to even protect the cops who were thrashed openly in daylight. Delhi clearly is emerging as the most lawless city in the country. What's your opinion?

Yes, maximum number of crimes happen in Delhi
No, there are other cities that do not follow any rules
Total Votes 37

South actress Jyothika hot unseen pics

on Oct 17, 2014 , 12:09 pm, by Sahir Rehman
South actress Jyothika hot unseen pics

Know all about south star Jyothika here.

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